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123ContactForm Gold Plan Coupon Code

Have you noticed how cool the registration forms are, when you sign up for some online services? Almost every form has a proper description, neat options like masked password fields, radio buttons, check boxes, etc. It may look like simple HTML code, but modern coding has improved a lot.

So, if you want to include a survey, or contact form, or sales form, or something similar you will need ti use modern HTML5, CSS based forms. That is pretty complicated, right?

Not really, when you have an online form builder such as 123ContactForm. The Gold Plan which the service offers, is an amazing one. Here is what it offers.

Once you sign up for the service, you will be taken to the 123ContactForm dashboard. This is where you can create new forms and view the ones which you have submitted already. You can literally create up to 20 forms with the Gold Plan, and there are no limitations to the API Calls.

The left side of the screen is divided into two sections, Recent Forms, and Recent Submissions. The Recent Forms section lists all the forms which you created using 123ContactForm. The Recent Submissions section displays your most active forms, meaning it displays the forms which you created, with the highest number of feedback, registrations, or surveys.

The Recent Activity option on the bottom left corner of the dashboard, can be used to navigate the forms which you have created, or the oldest 10 forms, etc. There is an RSS Feed icon with a unique link next to it, which you can use with any feed reader to monitor the form activity.

Click on the new form button on the top left corner of the dashboard, to create a new form using 123ContactForm. This will take you to a page where you can either create a form from scratch, or choose one of the many templates which are available at your disposal.

This includes options for Contact forms using which people can contact you from your website, Survey forms using which you can gather feedback, Event Registration Forms which can be used to get details of potential attendees, Order Forms where the buyer enters details for products which they want to buy from you. You can also create quiz forms, or polls to engage with your users, or job application forms for candidates who are interested in applying for a position in your company, and more. These are just a few form templates which are available in 123ContactForm. There are hundreds of more form templates for you to select from, and use.

Let’s rewind a bit and talk about the new form option, which is the most important one in 123ContactForm, custom forms. This is the one you will be using if you want complete control over what the form contains.

This screen has 5 tabs: Edit, Settings, Publish, Submissions and Reports.

The Edit tab allows you to select the fields you want to include in the form. You can add short text boxes, long text boxes, dropdown menus, single choice radio button options, multiple choice check boxes, file upload fields. You can also add headings, HTML Blocks, and images to your form.

To add a field to the form, simply click on the option on the left sidebar, and it will instantly be added to the form, and you can see the preview on the right pane. You can rearrange the fields by clicking and dragging on the field in the right pane, and moving them to where you want to place them. For example, you may want to place the heading field on the top of the form or above a box, or multiple choice field, to explain what the user should do.

You can also add special fields like number, email address, name, address location, phone number, date, time, price, etc, where you can set the rules for the input which will be accepted by the form. Want to add star ratings, password fields, Google Map markers, Social Sharing buttons? You can do that with 123ContactForm, with ease.

The Gold Plan is best suited if your target submissions number is 5000 or below. Speaking of which, you can view the number of submissions on the right side of the dashboard. You can switch the view to display the break down of submissions by day, week and month.

The Settings tab can be used to configure your form’s advanced options such as adding third party web applications, payment gateways, security, rules, translations, etc. You can also select a theme for the form, add a Thank You page, and configure notifications for your website, and the user.

The Publish tab can be used for posting the form you created online, and there are multiple ways to do so. You can simply copy and paste the link to the form, which will be hosted on 123ContactForm’s website, on your own website.

If you want to publish the form on your own website, you can either embed it directly by pasting the code in your website’s dashboard. If your website is built on the WordPress platform, you can install the 123ContactForm plugin on your website’s server, and use it to publish the forms more easily. You can also use the forms on Joomla, Twitter, Facebook, and other websites.

123ContactForm Gold Plan Coupon Code

The Submissions tab is where you can see the data from the forms where users gave their feedback. It is by using this option you can monitor and analyze the content from surverys, application forms, and other forms which you created. The Reports tab gathers all submissions, using which it will display customizable form reports automatically.

And nobody will ever find out that the form which you used, was built using 123ContactForm, in case you were wondering if the service backlinks to its website in the form.

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