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If you are looking for a way to gather feedback from your users, the best way to do so is to hold a poll, or a survey. When you want to find more about your potential employees, you may want to ask them to fill up an application form, instead of a resume, to learn about the specific skill set which you are looking for.

123ContactForm Platinum Plan Coupon Code

Online store admins will be wanting to take in orders using forms, and also host ways to enable buyers to pay for their purchases online. What do you do to cater to these needs? You use online form builders for this.

But there are many free form builders available, are they any good? To some extent they could be, but they do not offer you the amount of customization options, which you get with a premium form builder like 123ContactForm does.

Let us tell you more about the service. 123 ContactForm is an online form builder, which has a very simplistic design. The interface is very easy to use, beginning with the dashboard which you can use to see the forms which you have created, or to create a new form. The 123ContactForm Platinum Plan allows you to create as many forms as you want, without any API call limitations.

The interface of the dashboard is split into two areas, with the one on the left being the Recent Forms, which lists the newest forms which you created. The area on the right side is for Recent Submissions, which displays the most active forms, based on the submissions from your users.

You can use the RSS feed option on the dashboard’s bottom, to keep an eye on the form activity with any feed reader. But you can also use the notification system which is available in the online service, to be notified about every submission from every form.

Let us try making a new form. To do so, use the new form button on the top left corner of the 123ContactForm dashboard. You now have two roads to take, select one of the available templates which 123ContactForm offers, or create a custom form yourself.

There are hundreds of form templates which you can choose from including contact forms, survey forms, polls, quizzes, order forms, Job Application Forms, Online feedback forms, Donation forms, Booking forms, Contest entry forms, etc.

If you want to customize every single field in your form, you should try creating a new form in 123ContactForm. The create form has 5 tabs in it: Edit, Settings, Publish, Submissions and Reports.

Edit is the primary option here, and lets you add any field you want, to your form. The side panel on this tab has options to select the various fields such as short text or long text boxes where users can enter their name or feedback, drop-down menus for selecting an option (e.g: Country or State), radio buttons (e.g: single choice like yes or no), multiple choice check boxes (e.g: tick one or all), file ipload (for uploading documents, pictures, etc).

The heading option can be used for giving your form a name, or as a sub-heading for a set of fields, etc. 123ContactForm lets you add special content to your form like HTML Blocks, and images.

Click on one of the field options on the side panel, to add the field to your form. To delete a field, click the check box on the left of it, and delete it. If you placed a field incorrectly, or want to change the order, don’t worry. Click on the field which you want to move, and drag it to the place on the form, where you want it to be placed.

123ContactForm’s interface also allows you to place special form fields which you can use to only accept content specific to data like email address boxes, name, address, phone numbers, etc., too. There are more special fields which you can add to your forms like password boxes for user accounts on your website, star ratings which allows your users to rate your products or services, Google Map Markers which users can use to set a location, social sharing buttons, etc.

123ContactForm Platinum Plan Coupon Code

The Settings tab allows you to include payment gateways for your customers to make purchases for your products and services, web applications, configure security options, rules, translations, etc. Want a cool theme for your form? Or need to display a Thank You page, when a user submits a form to your website? You can do that. And it also has options to send you notifications, when a user submits a form.

The Publish tab is what you have to use, to post the forms which you created in 123ContactForm, to your website. You can choose to post the forms in many ways, the simplest of which is to just copy and paste a link to the form on your website. If you are a blogger, or if your website uses WordPress, you can install the 123ContactForm plugin, to add forms to your site easily. There are options to add forms to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Joomla etc, easily.

The Submissions tab collects the data from user submitted forms, and lists them for your convenience. This is useful if you want to check the results of an opinion poll or the survey. The Reports tab similarly gathers submissions, to display reports which you can customize.

The 123ContactForm Platinum Plan is great for bug websites, companies which are looking at user submissions in the range of around 20,000 or below. The main screen of the dashboard, specifically the Submissions section on the right side, houses options to list the submissions by day, week and month views. The MyForms tab can be used to manage or create forms using the 123ContactForm service.

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