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The internet is a vast network of information, which is very useful, for information, education, and official purposes. Most of us rely on the internet for basic day to day tasks like communicating with others, reading the news, watching videos, playing games, and of course for emailing documents and other important content at the work place.

Imagine a world without the internet. It wouldn’t be half as efficient as it is with the network now, would it?

Now, we also use the internet to access banking websites, and also shop online at various stores. This is conevenient, there is no question about that. But the internet is also a very dangerous place. Hackers and attackers often scam users and steal their credentials, to use it for their own nefarious purposes. A person can be tracked by the means of tracking cookies, using which a profile can be created, to collect detailed information using which even a fake profile can be created, and used without the knowledge of the person.

What’s more, malware runs havoc on the internet in various forms. The most dangerous of which is called, ransomware, which holds your files for a ransom, without which you will be unable to access them,, unless you have the decryption key or a tool powerful enough to wipe the ransomware itself.

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Now, how do you stay safe online. First and foremost, is the mandatory rule, to use a reputed anti-virus security software. This is your first line of defense. The second is to use an operating system with the latest patches installed, aka system updates. The third is to use a web browser that offers a great amount of security. The final line of defense is common sense, do not click every link you see, or open every email you get.

There is one secret step, which offers an additional shield for your computer, an extra layer of security, a VPN. What is a VPN? A virtual private network, which hides your real IP address (Internet Protocol), and displays one of the server which you are connected to. So any website you visit will only have the IP of the VPN you use, and not your real IP, making it difficult to track you.

There are a great many VPN services available on the internet, some of which are free, and come with very limited bandwith and also redirect you with ads. So, which VPN is the best. Obviously, you need one which offers a large amount of bandwidth, is ad-free, supports multiple servers, and above all else, has great security.

Allow us to recommend, Avira Phantom VPN Pro. And let us explain to you, why it is the best at what it does. First of all, you should understand the difference between a regular VPN and Avira Phantom VPN.

Normal VPNs allow you to connect to a server, and browse the internet through them. This may let you access to content in different regions, which are other wise geo locked. But they sure as don’t prevent you from being infected. That’s where Avira rules, for it’s primarily a security vendor, aka makers of renowned antivirus and firewall software. We will explain the encryption feature later in this review.

The interface of Avira Phantom VPN Pro is very simplistic. To access it, either click on the desktop icon, or the icon on the system tray. This will bring a small window, and that in itself is the entire size of the UI. It is neatly designed, and easy to use, because it has very few options. The main screen displays the status of the VPN, i.e., whether you are connected to an Avira VPN server or not. If you are not connected, you will see a large button which reads “Secure My Connection”. Hit it to connect to the VPN.

The screen also displays the amount of bandwidth you have used, free users only get 500 MB/month, and 1GB for registering. Pro users get unlimited bandwidth, yes that’s right, there is no bandwidth cap at all.

There are a couple of buttons on the top right edge. The person icon, is for accessing your user account. The gear icon is for accessing Avira Phantom VPN’s settings. This is where you can slect the location of the server. Avira has servers in 20 Countries around the world, and you can select any of those servers to connect your network to.


You can optionally send diagnostic data to Avira, or turn it off (it is off by default). The program can be enabled to run on system start-up, and the last setting allows you to enable an option, which will automatically secure untrusted Wi-Fi networks. This last option, is crucial, if you frequently connect to unknown or public networks, like at Cafes, or Airports, etc, which are usually very insecure.

How does Avira make public networks safe? It is very simple, Avira Phantom VPN Pro encrypts all of your web traffic to secure your internet connection, thus preventing hackers and malware from gaining access to your computer.

As it is a VPN, it blocks tracking services completely, so you can relax as nobody can trace you, regardless of if they are your own ISP or some advertising company. And since you can connect to any server, you can access content which is available only in that country, like a movie or video streaming service, or even game servers. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows and videos too.

We experienced no slow downs whatsoever with Avira Phantom Pro VPN, which is something highly impressive.

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