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If you want to create a video tutorial channel, or a PC gaming channel, you are probably in the market for a good screen recording tool. And we have just the one for you, Action Mirillis! 

Action! Is suitable for vloggers of all kinds, and does not require technical experience. So, new YouTubers can use it, and so can experienced users. Finding a screen recording program with a user-friendly interface, has become something of a rarity these days. And fortunately, Mirillis Action! Falls into this precious category.

The program has a gorgeous GUI with a dark theme. The interface in Action! is neatly organized, that it helps new users familiarize themselves with the program’s functionality almost instantly. The GUI has two panes, and 2 toolbars. The toolbar on the very top of the window, displays the local folder location, where the videos which you record using Action! will be saved. You can click on the bar, and change the location to another folder. 

The pane on the left, below the address bar, displays a list of all the videos which you have recorded. There is a thumbnail preview for each video, along with their names and the file sizes. The sort button lets you change the order of the videos, so they are displayed in ascending/descending order of the date when they were recorded on. Click on a video, and you will see some additional information about it, like the video’s frame rate, resolution, time length, file size, etc. 

The toolbar on the bottom pane, has some useful shortcuts which lets you open the folder in which a video has been saved, export a selected video, play it, or delete it. The Facebook and YouTube options allow you to upload the videos directly to your account. You can also right-click on the videos in the pane, and perform these actions. 

Mirillis Action! has a built-in video player, which it uses to play the videos which were recorded using the program. This not only saves you time, but is also convenient, as you don’t need to manually open a third-party video player, to preview the videos. 

And now to recording a video, to do this, you need to use the right panel in the GUI of Mirillis Action!. I There are 4 tabs here, each of which houses different options.  The video recording tab, which is the first in the list, has 4 video recording modes for you to choose from. For recording a game, you need to select the first icon, represented by a gamepad. To begin recording, either hit the record button, or use the F9 shortcut key. This will start the recording process, and you will see a toolbar, which is Action!’s HUD, used for controlling the recording. 

If you wish to fine tune your video’s settings, you may do so, before starting the recording. You can choose between AVI or MP4 file formats, select the video resolution sizes from 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p formats, and up to the original size of the recording. What’s more, it lets you select the frame rate in which the videos should be recorded. You can choose 60fps which is the standard for gaming, or 120 fps or lower frame rates like 15, 20, 24, 25, 30, 50. 

Similarly, you can choose the options for the other three recording modes. The Active Screen mode lets you record your entire screen, so you can use it to make a video of your desktop screen, or how to use a program, or some other tutorial video. 

If you wish to focus on a particular section of the screen, use the 3rd option, which is the Active Region option. You can use this to draw a rectangular area, and only the content inside it, will be recorded. This can be useful if you want to record a distraction-free video, as opposed to a desktop full of icons, etc. 

There are some additional options on the same screen, which can help you with the recording. The timer option, can be used for setting how long Action! Should record a video, in terms of number of hours, minutes, and seconds, after which the program will stop the recording. Let’s say you are planning on 15-minutes or 30-minutes video lessons to include in a chapter of your tutorial course, you can use this setting to do just that. And your viewers, or should I say, students, will find it easy to follow the schedule because of this. 

The next tab in Mirillis Action!, lets you record and LIVE stream videos to your viewers. It works with Twitch.tv, YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, Aliez.tv, Smashcast, Facebook and can also be used to stream to your own website’s server. Just login to the service which you wish to stream to, and hit the record button to go LIVE. You can configure the video’s quality by altering the settings such as the video resolution, bitrate, audio track, etc. 

There is a built-in benchmark tool in Action!, which can test your computer’s capability to record videos, so you will know how to configure it for games. 

You are not actually limited to recording videos, as Action! also works as a sound recorder. The third tab can be used for this, and lets you save the audio from your speaker, sound card, or a mic, and save the audio in WAV or MP3 formats. And the sound recorder also has a time limiter, which you can use to auto-stop the audio after a set time. You can also record multi-channel audio, using Action!  The program also works as a screenshot utility, and has a shortcut key, F12, which lets you snap a picture of the current screen instantly. The screenshots can be saved BMP, PNG and JPEG image formats. 

Mirillis Action! Impresses in quality, features, and ease of use. You can’t go wrong with this one. 

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