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When we visit a new store, or a business’ premise or meet a client, we often look for a way to contact them. A phone number or the address of the store or office, in case we want to visit them again, in the future, is always helpful.

Abbyy Business Card Reader Coupon Code

Sometimes we may have to send documents to them, or receipts, and in these cases, an address is always mandatory.
The same can be said when we hire the services of a technician, or a security firm or something. If we are impressed with their work, they come to our minds, when we want their help again. But their contact information doesn’t come to our minds, does it?

Of course, you can store a few of the contact’s information on your phone, but when you run a business, you aren’t usually allowed to do this. Especially when it comes to client information, this is against the rules. What if you stored the physical paper business cards at your work place? That is perfectly allowed, and that is what these cards are usually made for. Or you could write them down in a phone book, except nobody uses one these days.

But there are a couple of problems with either option. You could lose the cards, and thus lose the contact information permanently. And even if you did store the cards or the phonebook in a safe place, how are you going to search for a specific contact manually?

What if there was a way to store them on your office computers, and keep them secure, which would be perfect, right?.  But how do you store business contact cards on a computer? By typing them manually and storing them as documents? No, there is a much better and very efficient way, Abbyy Business Card Reader.

Yes, this program can be used for automatically extracting the data from business cards to text format, which saves you time and effort. That’s what we call efficient.

Abbyy Business Card Reader has a very simple GUI. It consists of two parts, a toolbar and a main screen. The toolbar has just 4 options:

Save All
Save As

The Scan option opens the scanner UI, using which you scan a business card, to a digital image format, which is then analyzed for text content. This is where Abbyy’s spectacular technology comes to play. We are talking about the OCR aka Optical Character Recognition of course.

Abbyy’s OCR also used in FineReader and Screenshot Reader, uses intelligent algorithms for converting images to text, which you can edit.  The best part is that the OCR preserves the original format and the layout and editable text, preserving the original layout and formatting of the initial document.

You can use Abbyy Business Card Reader to export contact data to Microsoft Outlook, or Salesforce directly. That is, they are saved in the contact formats supported by either. If you want to save contacts in a Microsoft Excel friendly format, you willl be happy to know that Business Card Reader lets you save data to CSV format too.

There is one more contact format you can export the business cards too,  in a vCard format, commonly known as VCF (or .VCF). Vcards are used for sending business card information via email, usually as attachments. But you can also use vCards in other programs too. The more common usage nowadays is in services such as Google (Contacts) and Google Calendar. This format is also used by Apple devices including the Mac and iPad, and in devices running on Google’s mobile OS, Android.

Abbyy Business Card Reader Coupon Code

vCards are amazing because in addition to the name and address of your contact, you can also save a photo, and add hyperlinks for websites and email addresses., which is very useful when you are mailing your contact.

Abbyy Business Card Reader’s OCR can recognize 25 languages. It can accurately detect the language used on the business card. This works with multilingual business cards too.

There are several automatic options available in Abbyy Business Reader, for including scanning, detection of card orientation, and splitting of multiple business cards, so they can be saved individually.

If the program recognizes duplicate information when you are trying to add a new contact, it will offer to merge the information to existing contacts recognition options. There is a quick scan option too.

What we like about Abbyy Business Card Reader’s OCR, is that it can arrange the text content in specific fields such as first name, last name, phone numbers, email address, etc. These are only useful in databases used by Microsoft Outlook or the like.

Of course, you can edit each and every text in the recognized content, and save it to your format of choice.
Are you familiar with duplex printing, which uses both sides of a paper for printing? Similarly, you can scan both sides of a business card using your scanner’s dual side mode, and Abby Business Card Reader, will recognize the entire contact information.

Now, you don’t need to have an actual business card or even need to have a scanner to work with Abby Business Card Reader. There is an alternative way  to import text information from business cards. How? By opening images which have the contact information on them. Supported image formats include PDF, PCX, GIF, TIFF, JPEG/JPEG 2000, PNG, and BMP.

Abbyy Business Card Reader works with all versions of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, and Windows Server 2003, 2008/R2. It s recommended to use a scanner which is TWAIN or WIA compliant, or a digital camera (you can use mobile cameras too) to work with the program.

The incredible easy way to use the application, the detection accuracy of the OCR, makes it a no brainer to recommend it.

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