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Often, in our day to day life, whether it is at work or home or school, we come across some  words which we may have heard being used before, but don’t know the meaning of. Or it could even be an entirely new word too. What do we do then? To the avid book reader, the first thing to do is to look up the definition, using a dictionary.

A dictionary can be a very useful tool for polishing up your vocabulary. Reduce erroneous spellings, and more. There are hundreds of thousands of words, waiting to be learnt. Ready to brush up your knowledge of words?

Abbyy Lingvo Coupon Code

Before, that, let us ask you a question. What do you do when the new word you came across, is of a foreign language? An English to English dictionary, literally becomes useless here. And you can’t carry around a multi-lingual dictionary, they can be very heavy, or very limited when it comes to the number of definitions, or if neither, they are bound to be expensive.

Touché?  This word, for example, which is of French origin, is used in Fencing, to describe a hit with the sword, or to be precise a touch. But we mostly use it in a different context, when two or more people are engaged in a conversation, and one person makes a good point, we say Touché, to express our agreement.

We think its better, to use a dictionary software for your multi-lingual needs. And what better program is better suited to the task, than Abbyy Lingvo.

Now, the version which are reviewing can not only show the definition of the word in English, but it can also translate content from English to 5 languages: Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish. And, you can do reverse translations as well. That is you can translate from one of the 5 languages back to English. So that’s a total of 6 Core Languages.

Let’s see the dictionary software’s features. Abbyy Lingvo has a simple  interface, befitting any dictionary. There is a menu bar on the top, a toolbar.

The Translate option lets you search for word definitions, or word by word translations (for phrases), to find the word in any language’s definitions, spelling suggestions, and inflected forms.

You can add your own dictionaries to the program from the Tools menu. Similarly you can add your own words to the dictionaries or te bookshelf (which lets you select specific dictionaries to be searched, while the others are disabled).

Abbyy Lingvo has 84 dictionaries built-in, including those from Oxford University Press and HarperCollins, and these have over 4,600,000 entries. And the best part is that it can be used offline, without an internet connection, even when you are traveling.

The toolbar has options for selecting the dictionary which you want to use, and also the source word’s language and the language you wish to translate to. The large pane below the toolbar, lists all available words of the language selected. You can use it to select a word by scrolling through, but there is a more efficient way to find the word you are looking for.

See that text box on the lower part of the GUI of Abbyy Lingvo in the screenshot? That is where you can type the word you want to find the meaning for. The button next to it lets you search for a word.

How do you search for a word’s definition in Abbyy Lingvo:

Let’s say you want to search for the word “Welcome”. You have to type the word in the text field, and click on the “Translate” button or hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. This will open a new window similar to the one below.

This will display the definition of the word in the language you selected. Along with that, you will find inflected forms of the word, i.e., nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. It also displays phonetic pronunciations of words, so you can understand how the word  is to be spoken.

Abbyy Lingvo Coupon Code
The search bar displays word suggestions as you type similar to search engines. What we liked most about Abbyy Lingvo, is that you can use it in other applications too. All you have to do, is simply point the mouse at a word, and you will see a quick pop-up of the word’s definition, right there. This also works with keyboard and mouse shortcuts, which you can customize. This is a great way to look up definitions of the words in a PDF document or a picture.

There is a virtual keyboard built in to Abby Lingvo, which allows you to input words using any of the languages which are available in the program. There are two other ways you can search for word definitions using the application. There is a Wikipedia option and a search on the web option which you can use as alternatives.

Back to the translation Window, you can hover over a word’s translation and it will be clickable, and clicking on it displays phrases with examples of the word’s usage. You can double click on any word in the main screen or the definition window, to look up the meaning fo the word.

Speaking of which, Abbyy Lingvo has audio playback for each word, using which you can listed to the pronunciation as well.

The Abby Lingvo tutor, is a training software which is also available as part of the dictionary. This can be used for learning new words, or new languages. This includes recorded pronunciations of words by native speakers too. You can learn verb tenses, idioms, expressions, and examples for using each words.

This is a true premium software, And that means there are no in-app purchases or micro-transactions of any kind. It is incredibly easy to use, and to be honest extremely useful.

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