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Ever wondered what would happen if you lose your laptop? Losing an expensive device, is never good. But there are things which could make it even worse.

You may have forgotten it behind during rush hour, or at the airport, or left it in a taxi or a hotel. It can happen to anyone, and at anytime.

The problem with this is, a thief could find it, and read your documents, see the videos and pictures you have on the device. The web browsers which you had installed and used on the laptop, could contain your browsing history, and this is bad, because, a hacker could look in to your financial information, or even steal your identity. You may not realize what happened after the laptop went missing, until you see your bill.

So, this makes it pretty much important to secure your data. Sure, your laptop may have a Windows password, but it can easily be bypassed, by a skilled person. Your data is not safe then, and while macOS and Windows has a Find My Device option, they are not very efficient. A simple format of the computer could remove this setting. What use is this feature then?

That is why you need a software which can work even if a thief does a factory reset. And that is what Absolute Data Protect is designed for. The first step you need to do is to add your laptop to your account, at the Absolute Customer Center. You can use any web browser, to do so, and of course this can be done from any device, anywhere in the world.

Once logged in, just click on the add device button on the screen, to begin the process of securing your device. Then you can download and install the Absolute Lojack Data Protect application on your laptop. This will install another utility called the Absolute Notifier, which can be used to test the main program.

When you have installed the program on the laptop, you will able to see the device’s name, the product version and the registration code, in the Customer Center screen. You can also view the date when your license for the product will run out, on the same screen. To manage a device, use the same dashboard, and simply select a device by clicking on the laptop’s name. This will bring up the status screen for the device. Here you will be able to see more information about your laptop, and whether it can be called (reached from the dashboard) bt the software.

There are three tabs on the dashboard of Absolute Data Protect’s web UI: Locate, Lock, and Delete. These are the main controls of the application.

The Locate tab’s screen has a large map in it, which is powered by Google Maps. You can use it to zoom in or out to view where the marker is on the map. This map has a pin marking the location, where your device was located. To pin point the location of your laptop, Absolute uses the GPS geo-location of the device, along with the Wi-Fi network and the IP address it is associated with.

You can use the information you find here to contact the police, and they could help you recover the laptop. The screen also displays a small tab, which says when the device was tracked to the location marked on the map.

The Lock tabAbsolute Data Protect Coupon Code allows you to lock the laptop remotely, which can prevent the person who has the laptop, from accessing your data (documents, videos, photos, etc) on the laptop. To do so, you will need to enter the pin number, which you selected when installing the software on your laptop. This is done to verify the lock command is legitimate, and is not selected accidentally.

You can also enter a message such as “This laptop belongs to John Doe. Please return it by contacting the email address or phone number….”, which you can customize of course. The message you selected will be displayed on the lock screen of your device. So, the person who finds the laptop may contact you to help you get the laptop back. Such a functionality is not present in other applications.

Even though you have locked your device, you should never take risks with your data on the laptop. So, we advise you to delete the contents on the device as soon as possible. How do you do that?

It is very simple, all you need to do, is select the Delete tab in the customer center dashboard of Absolute’s portal. Here, you will be able to select a number of options. You can select the ones you want, and delete the data from the laptop, or perform a factory reset to completely wipe the data from the computer. This helps in preventing theft of identity, and data theft.

What happens when a thief manages to uninstall the software from your laptop? Well, that is the best part about the application. You see, when you add the laptop to your account, it is protected by a client running on the system. It is this client which enables you to remotely locate, wipe or lock the laptop.

This client application can only be uninstalled permanently from your customer center account, i.e., if someone uninstalls it like a normal application, they are in for a surprise. The application will be reinstalled on its own. And some OEMs who manufacture laptops, such as Dell, HP, Acer, embed their firmware with a technology called Absolute Persistence, which helps in location the laptop more easily.

You can stop worrying and relax, when Absolute Data Protect is working to protect your privacy and help you locate your stolen or lost laptop.

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