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Absolute LoJack Mobile Premium Coupon Code

Are you familiar with the term Nomophobia? It is the word used to describe the fear of being out of cellular contact, or being away from your mobile phone. A lot of people have this these days, and don’t even know that they do.

Can you imagine being away from your mobile phone for more than a few minutes? That right there, is exactly what we are talking about. I always keep on my desk, on a stand during the day, or in my pocket when I’m away, and at my bedside at night. I am sure many of you do the same thing, but sometimes it is just not easy to find the phone when we lose it.

A phone, being the small device it is, is incredibly easy to misplace, or even lose it to a thief. Bad people know how expensive phones are and steal it without giving a thought about the data and what it meas to the owner. But you as the owner do, and you need a way to find the location of the device, or at least delete the contents on it.

Have no fear, because Absolute LoJack Mobile Premium is here to save your day, or to be more precise your data, and hopefully your device too.

Install the app on your Android phone or tablet, and login to it. The app needs some special permissions such as access to the storage, contacts, view/send SMS messages, as well as to make and manage phone calls and to view the location of the device. In addition to this, you will need to grant access to Computrace Agent to be installed on the device, so a one time permission for installing apps from unknown sources is required.

The app will prompt you to activate it as a device administrator. The reason, only this way can you perform remote locking of the device, or wiping the data from it. Unlike traditional tracking apps which only rely on GPS location services, Absolute LoJack Mobile Premium makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile Data for tracking your missing device.

Now you can open the Absolute Customer Center website from your browser, and login to your account. This is the central dashboard from where you can do the remote actions. On the main screen you will be able to see the list of devices which you have added to the account, so simply click on the name of the device, to be taken to the device management screen.

Here you can view the registration code and product name of the app, along with the status of the license and when it will expire. You can also see the IMEI of your phone and the serial number here, so you know you are tracking the right device. This screen also displays the status of the device, i.e., whether it can be called.

The “Add device” button can be used to bring more devices under the Lojack scanner. You can print out a copy of your license, enable or disable the renewal. If you want to remotely uninstall the app from the phone, you can do so from the same screen, or disable the location service if you want to.

There are 4 tabs in the dashboard: Locate, Lock and Delete.

The Locate tab can be used to see in a Google Maps powered map screen, where your device is. There is a pop-up on the screen which shows how much time has gone by since the device was seen in a location. You can zoom in or out to view the location information.

The Lock tab can be used for locking your device, so nobody can access tour data. It also lets you customize a message, like where you want the device returned to, for instance, which will be displayed on the phone’s screen. So, if an honest person picks up the phone, they will know where to send the device to.

Absolute LoJack Mobile Premium Coupon Code

The Delete tab allows you to choose one or all of the following options and deletes the selected content from your device.

  • Email and text messages
  • Contacts
  • Phone logs
  • Data from removable storage (memory card)
  • Non-removable storage (device’s internal memory)

Additionally you can use the lock tab, to perform a factory data reset on your device remotely. This way, nobody can steal your personal data or even steal your identity. You will need to enter the PIN number which you set during the app’s installation, to confirm the remote actions, which you want to run in the dashboard.

Okay, so you were able to locate the device, lock it, and erase the data on it using Absolute LoJack Mobile Premium. But what about recovering the actual device, isn’t that important too? After all, you must have spent hundreds of bucks on the phone, how do you get that back.

Let’s say it is proven that it is impossible that your phone cannot be recovered, yes we know that’s bad, but there is some good news. In such a situation, Absolute LoJack Mobile Premium will grant you (if you are located in either US or Canada), a refund of up to $600 for your device.

That is what we call a good deal. But for that, you need to do some prior work. The Recover tab on the online dashboard can be used to contact the Absolute Investigation and Recovery Services Team, who can track the device in over 100 Countries. Once you have filed a police report, the recovery team from the company will assist you using their resources. We used the app on our latest phone running on Android 8.0 Oreo, and it works fine.

If I were asked to describe the app in a single sentence, I’d say “it’s all about safety, security, and reliability”.

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