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Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard Coupon Code

Do you own an Android phone. Of course, everybody does, unless they use an iPhone, right? How often do you use your phone? Where is the phone during the day? A lot of people nowadays keep their phone with them 24/7.

Yes it is in their pocket or purse when they are outdoors, or on their desk when they are at work, or on the table at home or in the kitchen. Android phones have become a necessity in our daily lives, and an excellent way for communication with our near and dear.

But, the moment they cannot find their phone, they panic. Not only because they don’t know where their device is, but also because it is very expensive. And of course, it also has all their data on it. In a way, it is like losing a laptop or a PC. But unlike those, mobiles are prone to thieves, and can easily get stolen or lost.

Don’t worry though, if you find yourself in a similar situation. You can use Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard to locate your device with ease.

Why should we use this app when there is a built in function in Android, called Find My Device (formerly called Device Manager)?

I agree that Device Manager is good. But seriously what can it do? It can locate your phone using GPS, or play a sound to track your device if it is nearby or lock the phone, or erase all data on it, or display a message to show who the owner of the phone is. But it all depends on one major feature, location services. If this was not previously enabled, then you cannot recover the phone. This is definitely not good. That is why we recommend Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard as a much better alternative. Why? Allow us to explain.

Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard can be used for 4 purposes:

  • Theft Recovery
  • Lock
  • Locate
  • Delete

The first of these, Theft Recovery, nails what Google itself cannot do. Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard does not rely solely on GPS, especially if it is disabled by the thief or previously not enabled. The app can use GPS, Wi-Fi and even the geolocation of the device’s current IP address, to track down the device. How awesome is that?

To use the app, you will need to create an account at Absolute Customer Center. Once you have done that, login to the app.

You will be asked to enable GPS on the device, for pin pointing the location of the phone. Also, you will need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources, only because the app needs to install the Computrace agent. This is essential for tracking the phone, and for performing other actions mentioned above. It has to be activated as a device administrator, so it cannot be uninstalled by other people or apps.

The app also needs permissions to manage phone calls, accessing the location info, view and send SMS, storage and contacts.

The agent dashboard is what you can use to see the device’s details, and this communicates the information with the online web browser version, which you can use from https://my.absolute.com/ to track the device,, lock it, etc. You will see the list of devices on the dashboard, and you can click on the device name, to choose the one you want to track or manage. We tested it with a popular phone, and Absolute was able to identify the name of the device accurately.

This brings up the device’s information, which includes the registration code, product information of the app, and also the IMEI, Serial Number of your Android phone.You can also see the status of the license and when it expires, on the same screen. The Device Status tells you whether the phone is accessible (Calling mode).

There will be three tabs in the dashboard: Locate, Lock and Delete.

Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard Coupon Code

The Locate tab in Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard, allows you to see the location of your Android phone in a map, in real-time. This is powered by Google maps, and the tracking was 100% accurate when we tested it. A small pop up window shows when the most recent location was detected, for e.g: 5 minutes ago. You can zoom in on the location for more information.

You can add more devices to the service, by using the add device button. Clicking on the more option allows you to perform some advanced options such as printing your license, disabling auto renew. You can also use the options here to disable location services, or to uninstall the app from your phone.

Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard can be used to Lock your phone, to prevent a thief or someone else from accessing your data without authorization. This essentially means that nobody can access the data on the phone, even if they managed to steal or find your misplaced phone. So you can rest assured about your privacy.

Using the lock tab, you can lock the phone and also for entering a message, which will be displayed on your missing device. For e.g.: You can set it to display a custom message like. “Hi, this phone belongs to John Doe. Please contact me at my number 1234567890, or email me at johndoe@email.com to return it to me.“

The delete tab can be used for deleting your email and text messages, contacts, phone logs, data from removable storage (memory card), non-removable storage (internal), and for running a factory data reset. You will need to enter the PIN number which you selected, when you installed the app to confirm any of the remote actions which you select.

The Absolute LoJack Mobile Standard app works perfectly even on the latest version of Android, 8.0 Oreo, which was announced by Google recently. So you can rely on it to locate your device, even if it is a new one.

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