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A laptop is no small thing, it is kind of a luxury for most people, and most of these devices cost well in the upwards of $500 or even a thousand bucks. So losing your laptop means you are losing all your data, and a lot of money.

You don’t just buy a new laptop every year like you would upgrade to a new phone. A laptop contains far more of your personal data, and also a new one takes time to set up. So, losing one hurts in terms of time, money and data.

Now, it all depends on how you lost the laptop. If you forgot it at the office, or at a friend’s place, you will likely get it back, with the data intact. But, that depends on the person who finds the device, being an honest one. If the person is a bad one, or a thief, you could lose more than just the data and the laptop. You could actually fall a victim of identity theft.

Imagine someone emailing a virus or a phishing attack from your email, using a program which you had authorized on the laptop. Or someone trying to steal your documents and financial information. That will not be so easily repairable. That is why you need to use a method to both find your device, and also ensure that the data on it is locked away.

Absolute LoJack Premium can do this, and more. The software is supported by many OEMs including HP, Dell, Acer, to name a few, who embed the tracking technology in the firmware, so it is never erased by a thief.

Once you login to the Customer Center account on the company’s website, you will be able to download Absolute LoJack Premium and install it on your computer. It comes with a notifier app which can be used to test how the program works.

Let’s say you misplaced your laptop, and want to find out where it is. Windows and Mac systems do not have a strong tracking mechanism. But a laptop which has Absolute LoJack Premium on it does, as the software uses Google Maps to locate the device using Wi-Fi, IP address, and GPS for getting the accurate geo-location of the device.

To access this, you need to use the Absolute Customer Center. It has a dashboard where you can see which of your devices have the service enabled on them. Select your laptop from this screen.

Also, you can use the screen to see the validity period of the license, the product type you have on the device, and the name of the device, along with the registration code.

Select the locate tap, which has the map. This map is zoom-able, and has a marker which points out the last known location, where the device was traced to. You can also see how long it has been since the device was tracked to the location on this screen.

You can share this information with the police, if you have filed a report. It might help them track the device faster.

The next step is to decide what you want to do, and we recommend using the Lock tab. This allows you to prevent any unauthorized person from accessing your data. Phew, so nobody can read your documents, or view the pictures or videos, or access any critical information.

This screen also has an option to display a message on your laptop’s lockscreen. It can be used to display a custom message, such as “Please contact the following email id or phone number to return the laptop to its owner.” You can set up a custom message as you wish.

Absolute LoJack Premium Coupon Code

Now, your data can still be at risk in case the thief is skilled enough to get access to it. To prevent that, you can wipe the device to completely erase all data on it. Yes, it is a tough decision to lose your precious documents, game saves, music and videos, but would you rather have them stolen? No, that is why the wipe option is a life saver.

Every step such as locking the laptop or formatting it, requires you to use the PIN number which you set up during the installation of the software. So, you won’t do any of these accidentally. Also, without the customer center login information and the PIN, nobody can use it without your permission.

This is important, because the only way to remove the software permanently from your laptop, is by using the customer center dashboard. So, if a thief tries to uninstall the program, he will be surprised to see that the application reinstalls itself. That’s because it wasn’t authorized for removal in the first place.

It is time to make an effort to recover the laptop, and for this you must first ensure you have filed a complaint with the police, and have the police report ready. You can now contact the Absolute Investigations team, which works in over 100 Countries, to help with the case of the missing laptop. They will work with law investigation agencies to help you recover the laptop using top of the line techniques.

But as you may know, no effort is guaranteed for 100% success. Nothing ever is. And this applies to your laptop too, and you should accept that sometimes it may not be possible to get it back. But don’t worry, you still have some good news to look forward to.

In the worst case scenario, if after all efforts, the laptop cannot be recovered. Absolute guarantees you a refund of up to $1000 for a laptop. That is an incredibly amazing assurance indeed.

The simplicity, and reliability of the software is indeed impressing. You can relax knowing that Absolute has got your laptop covered.

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