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Absolute LoJack Standard Coupon Code

Though we may be living in an age of smartphones and tablets, there is something which we use everyday, computers. Many companies like to pretend that PCs are going away for good, but we don’t think so. If anything computers are more popular than ever.

And Laptops belong to the same category, and are such fantastic tools. We use them for gaming, watching Netflix and YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Online Shopping, and of course our day to day work. In fact, laptops have become an integral part of our lives.

But, here is a serious question. What if you lose the laptop? Let’s say it got misplaced at the airport, or you forgot it from work, or during travel. It is unthinkable. Not only are you losing an expensive device, but the data on it, is what makes it all the more precious. Unfortunately this is very possible, and it gets worse. Unlike mobile phones, tracking down a lost or stolen laptop is not easy, because of the operating systems limitations.

But you don’t have to worry, because there is a simple way to workaround this. And that solution is called Absolute LoJack Standard. The program can help you track and locate a missing laptop with ease, but it actually has some extra features which makes it an invaluable application. Let us explain about the application, in this review.

The first thing you need to do is sign in to your Customer Center account, and enter the registration code, which you get when you buy the software. If you already have an account, simply use the “add device” button, to add a new computer to your account. This allows you to download and install Absolute LoJack on your computer.

Once the computer has been added to the account, you will see the device’s name, for e.g.: JohnDoePC, along with your registration code, phone number, the product which has been installed in the select device screen. This screen also has 2crucial details: it tells you about the status of the device, i.e. whether your devices is reachable (calling), and you can also see the validity period of your license.

And that is basically all you have to do, to secure your computer. What? How is that possible? That is because, Absolute LoJack is not an application which you need to run like your browser or antivirus. It is a program which runs silently in the background, and only acts when you want it to.

When the software has been installed on the system, you only need to use a web browser to perform remote actions on your lost device. By the way, you can manage your device from any browser from anywhere across the World. How cool is that?

Absolute LoJack uses multiple tracking technologies including the GPS, Wi-Fi, and IP address geo-location to see where the device was connected to last. So, let’s say you left the laptop somewhere, you can open the Customer Center on your browser, and view its location on a map, which is powered by Google Maps. And this places a pin on the map where the device was last seen in the area, and a small tab which says when the device was in that location (for e.g.: 5 minutes ago).

Absolute LoJack Standard Coupon Code

So, you can possibly go to the location or inform the Police by sharing the location where the laptop was tracked at, with them. The next step is to decide what you want to do, either risk your data and wait for the laptop to be recovered, or to delete the data. And how can you do that when the device is lost?

When you installed Absolute LoJack on your computer, it installs a client which is what helps in tracking the device. It also allows you to remotely lock down your computer, with a simple command from the Customer Center dashboard. This helps in preventing the thief or any unauthorized person from accessing your applications, documents, pictures, videos, and other data which you had on the laptop.

And you can also configure the software to display a custom message on the lockscreen which can read something like: Please return this laptop to Mr. John Doe. Contact me at my phone number or email address (which you can include), in the hope that the person who finds the device will read the message and contact you.

The alternative of course, is to go the hard way and accept the fact the laptop may not be recoverable in certain situations. Let’s face it, not every one is a saint, and the person can keep the laptop. In this worst case scenario, you will want to ensure that at least the data on it remains out of reach from the thief. And for this last resort decision, Absolute LoJack Standard offers you an option to remotely erase all the data on the laptop.

Absolute LoJack’s Investigations team can be contacted to help you recover your stolen device, once you have filed a formal police report.

What if the thief uninstalls the client on the computer? How can we track the laptop? This is where the software excels. Absolute LoJack will always reinstall itself, unless it was removed from the device using the dashboard screen, which of course only you have access to.

If you are worried about identity theft or misuse of the data on your lost or stolen laptop, you can rely on Absolute LoJack to prevent such issues, and secure your data. Many OEMs such as Acer, Dell, HP, ASUS. Lebovo, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshibha are partners of Absolute, and have the Absolute persistent technology built in to the firmware of the device, so the software will be present even if thieves try to prevent the application from running in Windows.

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