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We install a lot of software on our computers, and it is not always easy to keep an eye on what you have currently installed, or if some have been removed. The thing is when Windows boots, you don’t know what really runs in the background.

Sure the task manager can be used for checking programs which auto-run, but sometimes sneaky programs can hide themselves from being seen. This is obviously malicious behaviour, isn’t it? But you never can tell which of these programs can be spying on you. Or can you? You obviously can, with the help of abylon APP-BLOCKER.

abylon APP-BLOCKER Coupon Code

Let me guess, you are thinking this program gas a learning curve, and it is going to be complex to use. Don’t worry, using abylon APP-BLOCKER is like a walk in the park. It’s that easy.

Let’s look at the interface and you will see why. abylon APP-BLOCKER has a very simple interface, there are no flashy colors, or tiles or anything of that sort. You have a sidebar with some options on it, and the pane on the right displays the options for the selected module.

The sidebar has the following options:

  • Lock Windowsregistry Autostart
  • Lock Windowsregistry run
  • Lock Windows RunOnce
  • Lock Windows Applications
  • Lock Windows Services

Lock Windowsregistry Autostart allows you to to disable applications, which are executed upon boot. When a program loads during start up, it considerably slows up the boot process. So you can use this tab to disable the ones you deem unnecessary. Similarly the Windowsregistry and the Windows RunOnce tabs can be used for viewing and disabling registry entries and applications which run during the startup process.

We advise caution while blocking programs. Do not block something which you are not familiar with, else it could cause a system crash.

How does this work? It is quite simple really. When you select a tab, say for example, the Lock Windowsregistry Autostart, the right pane of abylon APP-BLOCKER will display all items, which fall under the specific category. This pane not only displays the name of the program which will auto run at Windows startup, but also the status of the application. That is, whether the process is currently running. You can also see the folder location of the file, i.e., in which directory the exe is located in.

In case the folder location and the exe’s name doesn’t make sense, you can quickly block the application from running, and abylon APP-BLOCKER will ensure that it is permanently prevented from running.

The description info displays any available detail about the selected program, but if there isn’t one, you can use the more info section to check abylonsoft’s website for more insight. You can also view the hash value of the file such as the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256, to double-check whether the listed program is indeed legitimate or not.

abylon APP-Blocker also displays information about when the program was first detected, the priduct and file version, what type of file it is (DLL, EXE, etc). You can also see the filetime information such as when the file was last written or accessed too. So this acts like a history for the file’s activity.

The Lock Windows Applications tab allows you to block any application which are currently running. This is pretty useful, if you want to prevent a specific program from being executed. To do this simply select it on the left sidebar, and then click on it again. The checkbox will change from a light to a dark background. This indicates that the selected application has been disabled aka blocked by abylon . To re-enable a blocked application, you just have to repeat the process. This is universal across all the other tabs in the sidebar of course.

You can use the Lock Windows Services tab, to block Services which you don’t want to run in the background. It works the same as the other tabs, but keep in mind, that some Windows services are crucial for many applications to run correctly.

The Drivers tab lists all the installed drivers installed on your operating system. This allows you to block specific drivers, when they are causing issues. You can use the search bar to find a specific program or file you are looking for.

abylon APP-BLOCKER Coupon Code

Each of the first 4 tabs in the sidebar lists the apps under All Users and the User accounts which are configured on that computer. So, you will need to select one, depending on which account was used to install the program. Make sure that you double-click on the user account to display the list of applications in it. This applies to all four tabs in the sidebar of abylon APP-BLOCKER.

abylon APP-BLOCKER does not run at Windows start up. It does not even have to be run in the background for the application’s settings to function. It is sort of a use whenever you want to, and then forget it kind of software. And that is exactly what you want tight, not some memory hogging application.

One particular scenario where abylon APP-BLOCKER is a life saver is, when you have a specific version of an application which you do not want to auto-update, you can use APP-BLOCKER to block its updater, to prevent it from upgrading to a newer version. We have seen many good programs go bad, limit features behind a paywall, or turn into shareware completely, so you can prevent auto-updates and use the application forever.

abylon APP-BLOCKER is easy to use, and very reliable. You need to have the Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed for installing abylon APP-BLOCKER. But that isn’t really an issue, since modern versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 come with it pre-installed anyway. The program works on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. Try the trial version of abylonAPP-BLOCKER for free for 30 days before buying the full version.

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