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Data is something which every computer user depends on, be it a home user, a gamer, or an office worker. We all have documents, pictures, audio and video files which need to be saved. But what happens when your PC’s operating system, i.e., Windows crashes.

Let’s say your computer doesn’t boot and you cannot go into safe mode either, what then? Often, in this case, the only solution is to reinstall Windows. And now comes the real problem. If you have a single partition on your hard drive, chances are you cannot save the files, in the event of a clean installation, more commonly called as a format and installation of Windows. You lose all the files right?

abylon BACKUP-TUBE Coupon Code

Similar bad happenings can occur, when a malware or virus attack impacts your PC. In the worst case scenario, you could lose the files to a ransomware attack or a hard drive failure. That’s why people use a secondary storage to save their files in, ala a backup solution.

Of course there are a lot of free software which can help you with the task, or even cloud storage services which you can make use of too. But these are not always efficient, and in the case of the latter, they can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. The software that we use for taking backups is called abylon BACKUP-TUBE.

It is very easy to use, and has a simple GUI without any complexities like menus, tiles, and other things which can confuse you. The interface of abylon BACKUP-TUBE is so simplistic that you have just one option on the default screen.

There are three tabs in the interface of the program: Home. Overview and LOG-Files. There is a toolbar which will be blank initially, but let’s get back to it in a minute. Select the home tab and you will see the large icon which says new (new entry).

If you want to give your backup task a name, type a name in the box below the +new button. That’s all you have to do, and you can proceed with the next step.

This will let bring up an icon which says source folder, i.e., it lets you select the directory which contains the files you need to backup. Click on the icon, and it will let you browse the computer, and select the folders.

You will have 4 options on the screen now:

  • Backup Manually

  • Backup Automatically

  • Synchronization Manually

  • SynchronizationAutomatically

The first option in abylon BACKUP-TUBE, which is Backup Manually, will let the program copy the selected source’s contents and make a backup of them, and store the backup in a selected folder of your choice. The source and destination folders can be your computer’s internal hard drive, or an external hard drive, or USB Memory Stick.

Now, you will see two icons on either side of the source and destination folder selection box in abylon BACKUP-TUBE . The one on the left with the down arrow is the run backup button. Click it to run the backup task. The icon on the right edge with the up arrow, is the restore button, which can be used for restoring files from a backup you have created. A pop-up window will appear to serve as a warning, asking you if you wish to replace the files, with the one from the previous backup. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally restoring files from a wrong backup.

Seriously, could it be any simpler than this? We don’t think so either. You can use the three line menu button in the top left corner to view the help articles on the abylonsoft website, view the program version, etc.

Selecting the Backup Automatically option lets abylon BACKUP-TUBE run automated tasks of the backup at regular intervals. This will not only ensure that your data is secure, but is also very convenient, because this way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to run the backup task manually.

abylon BACKUP-TUBE Coupon Code

And just like the above options, the Synchronization Manually option lets you sync two directories. This works when you delete or change the files in the source directory, and the destination directory will be synced to reflect the changes, for keeping the files and folders in the original folder up to date. The Synchronization Automatically option does this job on its own, from time to time at regular intervals, providing that the folder is not being accessed by you or any program.

You can view all of your backup tasks under the overview tab. This tab will bring 3 icons on top of the window. These are “New, Import and Remove”.

New, as the name suggests creates a new backup. The import option allows you to add a previous backup task, from any drive to the abylon BACKUP-TUBE installation on your PC. The remove button can be used for deleting a backup task which you have selected.

The LOG-Files tab stores logs of when backup tasks are run in abylon BACKUP-TUBE. So you can see when the tasks you have run, or the program has run. You can manually enable logs, and sisable them. Log files can be selected and deleted by using the toolbar option. You can leave abylon BACKUP-TUBE to run in the background, if you want it to perform backup tasks which you have configured it to, especially the automated backup tasks. All you have to do is to just minimize the window and it will sit on the system tray. And of course this is where you can manually access the program, or close it by right-clicking on its icon.

abylon BACKUP-TUBE is the most user friendly backup software we have ever used, and you will think so too, when you have tried it. Speaking of which you can use the trial version for free for 30 days.

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