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What is the most important thing on your computer? If your answer is data, we think you are a very smart person. Yes, it is indeed data that makes a computer valuable to the user. Games, music, videos, documents, banking information, everything on your PC is stored digitally on your hard drive as data.

abylon CRYPTDRIVE Coupon Code

Losing your precious data is unthinkable quite literally, especially when the loss is irrecoverable from. This is exactly why attackers create malware, to steal data from people, and quite often it is one which results in identity theft too. This sort of theft can happen locally too, like when someone else accesses your computer without your knowledge. That is not cool at all. This happens online too, of course.

Are you familiar with the concept of file encryption. Basically without the decryption key, nobody can access your files. That is incredible right? That is why most of your email, instant messaging servers use encryption for providing you security. You see, even if a hacker breaks into your network, they won’t be able to get your encrypted data, because they simply cannot. What if there was a way to ensure similar protection for files stored on your computer’s hard dive? A software which you could use to encrypt the files. Think of it like a secure safe or box, with your contents in it, and to which only you have a key.

That is possible, thanks to abylon CRYPTDRIVE, and using it does not require a whole deal of computer knowledge. abylon CRYPTDRIVE has a minimalsitic interface, with a light background for the pane on the right side, and a dark background for the sidebar on the left edge. There are no complicated menus which you have to navigate through here.

When you install abylon CRYPTDRIVE, it will prompt you to allow the installation of its signed driver, whch allows the program to encrypt the data. So, make sure you allow that. The sidebar in the application consists of 4 sections: CryptDrive, Key-Management, Administration and Common.

CryptDrive has two tabs in it, one called after itself, and the other being CryptDrive Management. The first tab has options to disable or enable the driver required for the program to work. Remember, when you click on the button to turn the drive on or off, you will have to reboot the computer to continue. So make sure you save your work before restarting the computer.

Just below the turn on/off CryptDrive option, is another option, and this is what you have to use, to create a new encrypted drive. The drive which you create, is a virtual one, i.e., a section of your hard drive’s  storage is isolated as the CyrptDrive. This is where your files will be stored in securely.

To complete the process of creating an encrypted drive, you have to give the drive a name, a drive letter, partial, and select the storage size of the disk. You can also select the location of the folder, where the virtual disk has to be saved on your computer. The disk will be saved in the .img format. Once you have gone through all this click the add button to create the disk. This will create the drive, and the program will ask you if you wish to open the drive now.

This will bring up the password window, where you will have to choose the password, using which you will be able to access the drive. There is a password scrambler available for added security, as well as some icons which you can use to strengthen the password.

There are two other ways using which you can create an access method for the CryptDrive, a key card or a certificate. We will explain this later in the review. Now, the CryptDrive Management screen will open, from where you can access the newly created drive. But before that the drive will need to be formatted, and when that is done, Windows File Explorer will open and you can copy or create new files, to the encrypted drive, like you do with regular files. See how simple it is to use abylon CRYPTDRIVE? It is unbelievably easy, in my opinion.

The CryptDrive Management screen can be used for adding new drives, opening the ones you created,  closing them, importing an image, deleting one, editing the settings of the drive, change the password, certificate, or repair the virtual drive or even create a desktop shortcut for it.

abylon CRYPTDRIVE Coupon Code

Next in abylon CRYPTDRIVE, is the key management tab in the sidebar. Here you will be able to choose between three options to decrypt the drive. They are categorized into two systems: SYMM and HYBRID systems.

The SYMM system uses symmetrical pass-word based crypt systems such as the Blowfish and AES encryption algorithms. Speaking of which Blowfish uses 448 bit encryption, while AES uses 2560bit encryption. Generally this is ideal for home users and other individuals. You can use this for a regular password unlock option, or create a specific USB-Stick, CD/DVD security token. Alternatively you can also uses processor or memory smart cards such as a money card, certificate card or health insurance card, or a RFID-card to unlock a CryptDrive. The HYBRID system is useful for companies which have a software security certificate for accessing the encrypted drives.

The Administration tab in abylon CRYPTDRIVE allows you to define tge settings for users who can access the encrypted drive. The Common tab is used for importing and exporting the settings of abylon CRYPTDRIVE. You can also specify the wipe level for deleting files, and also access the CT32-DLL smartcard reader interface search functionality.

The level of enhanced security which the application provides, and the ease with which we could use the program, makes abylon CRYPTDRIVE a great addition to your computer’s security.

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