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Encryption is the best level of security in the digital world we live in today. It is a highly secure method to ensure that hackers cannot read your data because e they do not have the decryption key to unlock it. Your WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted, and so are many email and Instant messaging services.

What is encryption? It is a way of converting electronic data, into a ciphertext one. This cannot be accessed by third parties, because the decryption key is unique for each encrypted data.

abylon CRYPTMAIL Coupon Code

Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook.com are popular email services, which offer secure email communication. But even those are not 100% secure because, you can’t send encrypted emails using those directly. For example, if you do not see a lock icon next to the recipient in the address box, the email which you are sending is not encrypted. Now, that really depends on who you are sending emails to, the email service you are using, and also the email client which you have.

Many offices, and individual users, still use the good old Microsoft Outlook email client, as their proffered choice. This should not be confused with the Outlook Express freeware, as the one which we are talking about is the one you get with Microsoft Office.

Unfortunately Microsoft Outlook does not have any customization over the encryption whatsoever,  which makes it a terrible choice for security. And the good company which you know has no plans to fix it. But there is a workaround for this. Back when Outlook was the king of email clients, Microsoft allowed support for extensions, or add-ins.  And this is what we are going to use to secure our emails. Meet abylon CRYPTMAIL.

This plugin for outlook was designed for that very purpose. Let’s  take a look at the program’s interface. abylon CRYPTMAIL has a very minimalistic interface, quite similar to the other software from the company.
There is a sidebar on the left edge, with a dark background, while the pane on the right side, has a contrasting dark theme. There are four options on the sidebar: Cryptmail (Outlook), Key-Management, Administration, and Common. Cryptmail Outlook is the primary options, and selecting which gives two tabs on the right pane. The first tab is Cryptmail Outlook and the other is Cryptmail Settings. The first tab has just one option, and it allows you to enable or disable the plugin in Oulook. Once you enable it you will see a toolbar in your Outlook email client. This is what you will use to encrypt or sign emails. There are multiple ways to do that, which we will explain in a little bit.

The Cryptmail Settings screen has options for activating the various encryption methods which are available in the program. You can choose to disable or enable the menu in Outlook from this tab as well.

Back on the sidebar, Key-Management is home to three tabs: One name after itself, and the other two  for configuring the SYMM and HYBRID systems.  SYMM short for symmetrical, is the password-based encryption system. This is your traditional combination of text, numbers, symbols, and is the recommended option for home and individual users. abylon CRYPTMAIL uses 448-bit Blowsfish encryption, and AES encryption which uses 256-bit, and you can choose one of these.

If you have a processor smart card or memory smart card which are SCARD or CT32, you can use that as a decryption key too. abylon CRYPTMAIL also lets you use USB memory sticks as an unlocking option as well. You can create backup copies of your keys from this tab, so in case a physical drive you used as key gets damaged, you won’t be stuck, and use the backup to access your encrypted data. HYBRID, is the assymetrical encryption option, which allows you to choose between the Blowfish, AES and HYBRID Systems. The latter is based on software certificate or certificate smartcards. These are usually best suited for companies.

abylon CRYPTMAIL Coupon Code

Administration, accessible from the sidebar,  is where you can manage the advanced settings of the program. This allows you to define the settings for each user. You can also use this tab to check for updates for the program.

The Common option on the sidebar of the application, allows you to export your current settings for abylon CRYPTMAIL. This allows you to format your computer, or reinstall a new operating system, after which you can simply import the settings back. In addition to this, the settings tab, allows you set the wiping level which abylon CRYPTMAIL employs to delete files. This way it ensures that files are not recoverable, when you choose a high wipe level of course. If you have a CT32 smartcard-reader, you can use it for searching your encrypted content.

Now, open your Outlook email client and you will see a toolbar which abylon CRYPTMAIL added. Click on the SYMM encryption button after entering your contact, mail content and attachments, and it will encrypt everything in it. After this has been done, feel free to send the email to your contact.

You can also use abylon CRYPTMAIL to sign emails similarly using the Sign and encrypt SME button, which will allow you to select the certificate password, using abylon CERTMANAGER. You can use the free abylon READER to decrypt emails which have been encrypted. One thing you must note is that the contents of the email must be stored on your hard drive to be encrypted. And you are in no means restricted to encrypting emails which you send, you can also encrypt emails which your receive so they are not monitored in any way. That’s pretty amazing, ight?

abylon CRYPTMAILis the best way to ensure your Microsoft Outlook is secure, and the simplicity which which you can use the program is what makes it really special.

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