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Security is a real concern for almost every PC user, be it viruses, malware, key-loggers or other major issues. But these are not the only security risks, there is one more problem, which can be a real headache, users gaining unauthorized access to your computer.

This is why Microsoft Windows tells you to create an administrator account, with a username and password, to prevent other people from using your PC. Usually what happens is that the average user does not use such a password security system, but this is because they are a home user, or because there is nobody who can physically gain access to the PC, or because they trust the other users to work or use the PC normally.

abylon LOGON SSO Pro Coupon Code

But what if a thief breaks in, or a fellow employee, or a guest at the workplace wants to see which project you are working on, or something of the sort. That is unethical and should be stopped. Some offices use uniform passwords as a precaution to ensure their computers are secure, and at the same time not inaccessible in case someone takes a leave of absence.

We recommend adding a second layer of security to prevent unauthorized access of your computer, and you can do so, with abylon LOGON SSO Pro. This a program from the same German company, which is an expert in enrcyption and PC security, such as CryptMAIL and CryptDRIVE.

The first thing that you will need to do to use abylon LOGON SSO Pro, is to create an abylon LOGON account, i.e., a local account which grants the program permission to manage other logon accounts. It is a core feature, and the program will prompt you to do so, when you install it.

To do this, you will need to use an external device, which acts as a security token. You can use a USB device such as a memory stick (flash drive), a processor-chip card, or memory smart-card, RFID cards, Certificate smart cards or even a DVD or a CD. Once you choose a device, you can use it to unlock abylon LOGON SSO Pro, using the secret key which the program uses for encryption. You can optionally create a second password for authorizing the device too.

Keep the device stored securely after the next step, as it is the only way to authorize and de-authorize your logon accounts, using abylon LOGON SSO Pro. If you do lose the card, you can use the SecureID which was created when you set up the Logon account. Now, the program will prompt you to assign a username, a password and also select a domain/workgroup. Do so and you have your first secure logon ready.

Note: You cannot create an abylon LOGONaccount, if there is no password set for your Windows account.

If you wish to use the computer in a guest or non-abylon LOGON account, you can click on the cancel option during the boot process, and switch to the one you want to login to. Try rebooting the PC without the USB drive (or the card option you chose) plugged in, and it will ask you to insert the device. Do so, and it will automatically login to your computer. See how simple it is to use the program and have an advanced security system at the same time?

Run the abylon LOGON SSO Pro application, and you will see that it has a very minimalistic interface, like the other software from the company.

There is a sidebar on the left edge of the program’s GUI, which has a dark theme. The right pane has a light theme, and is used to access the selections you made on the sidebar.There are 5 sections on the sidebar: Logon, Single Sign-On, Key-Management, Administration and Common. The Logon option has three tabs: Logon, Logon accounts and Logon settings.

The Logon tab can be used to enable and disable the Windows login option, and to create new logon accounts using USB-sticks, smartcards, etc. The Logon tab is where the logon accounts are listed along with the type of device you used for creating it, and the ID for the device. You can select the encryption level AES 256 Bit, Blowfish 448 bit algorithm here, or delete a selected keycard, test the keycard, or create a SecureID (a unique password you can use to unlock the PC). You can manage the allowed devices at logon, from the program’s Logon settings tab.

abylon LOGON SSO Pro Coupon Code

Single Sign-On or SSO for short, is another important feature in abylon LOGON SSO Pro. It allows you to sign into an application or windows, using the stored logon credentials on the card/drive. The Single Sign-On tab lets you enable or disable this feature, and add new SSO account information. SSO Applications taballows you to configure which applications are authorized to work with the program. It supports SAP and Lotus Notes, and Administration Cards. The tab called SSO accounts lists the logons you created with the SSO feature, while the SSO cards displays devices configured with said accounts.

The Key Management tab is useful for creating backup of keyfiles, and for setting the default encryption system (AES, Blowfish, HYBRID System, which is used by abylon LOGON SSO Pro versions. The Administration option is what you need to change the settings for other admin level users who have access to the application. The Common ta is for exporting and importing the settings of the program so you can safely reinstall the operating system.

The biggest difference between the standard, home and abylon LOGON SSO Pro versions is that the Pro version offers support for unlimited accounts and applications. It also has Automatic window detection. And that’s why it is the best. abylon LOGON SSO Pro can be used for both personal and commercial use, so feel free to use it at your work place.

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