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Have you used a paper shredder? Ever wondered why offices use it? There are two reasons for this practice, the first is of course security, and the other being privacy. You don’t want rival companies to know which projects you have been working on, or sometimes information about a new design or a prototype.

Now, let’s apply a similar scenario, but in a digital form and to a wider audience, i.e., office and home users, after all the majority of communication, data, records are being stored as data on your computer.

abylon SHREDDER Coupon Code

There are a lot of things you must consider before disposing a hard drive. One of the major issues that people do not focus on when selling their old hard drive, or recycling it, or maybe handing it to a friend or family member, is to wipe the drive before giving it. But I formatted the entire hard drive before selling it? Isn’t that enough. While what you did is good, but is not enough if you value your privacy. Even if you formatted the hard drive, you, or other people can use recovery software, to find and save files which were once stored on the hard drive. So, if you had important office documents, financial information, pictures stored on the drive, there are chances that they can be recovered. This is not good is it?

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about these issue, with abylon SHREDDER. The company makes excellent security products, and the quality shows in their file shredder application too.

Well, such a product must surely be complex to use, right? No, absolutely not. It is in fact the opposite, in that it is very user friendly. You see, abylon SHREDDER has a very simplistic user interface, and its incredibly user friendly too.

The specialty of abylon SHREDDER is that it is not only a file shredder program, but can be also used for general cleaning of the hard drive. We will explain about these features, in detail in this review.abylon SHREDDER has a sidebar on the left edge, and a right pane which takes up the rest of the program window’s screen space. There are 4 options on the sidebar: Wipe Files, Wipe Internet Tracks, Advanced View and Status.

The Wipe Files option has 2 utilities in it: abylon File-wipe, and abylon Dupe-Finder. The File-wipe utility can be used for destroying files by deleting the files once, and then writing over the deleted file’s sectors multiple times, to prevent the remnant files from being recovered. Click on the name of either utility mentioned above, to be taken to the respective tabs, or select them directly from the sidebar. Now you will see a lot of new buttons on the right side.

The buttons and their functionalities are as follows. The play button lets you wipe files which you have selected, while the Double Arrow lets you wipe the files in the Fastmode. The + button is used for adding files, while the folder and plus icon lets you add an entire directory, whose contents you wish to wipe. You can use the X icon to reset the selection, the monitor icon to open a folder, the magnifying glass icon to wipe the temporary files, and the bin icon to open the recycle bin. The eraser icon on the right corner, lets you select the wipe level, which will overwrite the file as many times, as the number (level) selected.

The abylon Dupe-Finder can be used to scan for, and delete duplicate files. This is useful for finding multiple copies of the same file, which may be eating up on your storage space. The Wipe internet tracks option in the sidebar of abylon SHREDDER, can be used for securely wiping the browser cookies, history, etc. This is much better than your average cleaner applications, as it writes over the data, making the recovery of even temporary files, impossible. So your banking or shopping cookies and history are absolutely safe.

And yes, abylon SHREDDER supports Microsoft Edge, so your new Windows 10 browser is among included applications which are secured by the program’s wipe functionality. apart from the browser files, this tool can also delete the list of programs which were started using the run command, or the list of documents which were opened, or the list of video and media files opened by windows media player. It even lets you delete the list of recently searched filename keywords, in Windows File Explorer’s Search. The Status tab shows a log of the file operations made by the application.abylon SHREDDER Coupon Code

Now the advanced view option in the sidebar, toggles the interface of abylon SHREDDER which brings a lot of new options. This in turn allows you to customize the wiping options greatly. For example, the Cleanup complete utility screen has the following options: Cleanup complete (the entire computer’s hard drive), abylon File-wipe, Abylon Dupe finder, Scan Drives (analyzes the hard drive for deleted files, and dupes), Temporary File Extension (allows you to filter search by file formats), Temporary Folders, Other JOBs, Wipe Internet Tracks and Background Cleaner.

The Other JOBS option lets you wipe the logs saved by other applications. The Cleanup FREE-SPACE tool can be used for securely wiping the free space of the hard drive, while keeping the used space intact. Wipe drives can be useful for securely wiping entire drives and partitions, like we mentioned when you dispose or sell a hard drive.

The new options mentioned above are also accessible from the sidebar of abylon SHREDDER.

Whether you want to use it for serious security purposes, or just to ensure your financial and browsing history are safe, abylon SHREDDER is an amazing choice for you. Despite its poweful functionality, the program is light on resources and is quite speedy when it comes to scanning times.

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