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Acronis Backup Advanced for PC is an extended version of Acronis Backup for PC which provides you with more possibilities and it allows you to control and manage multiple computers at the same time in one centralized place. It is a great solution for small companies and organizations for reliable protection of all computers against data loss at the office. It offers complete protection of your data from hardware failure, viruses, accidental deletion, and so on. Thanks to using the most leading technologies, this program allows you to back up and restore any data easily and effectively.

Thanks to using the most advanced technology called Acronis AnyData, this program allows you to protect any data and provides complete protection for all devices, operating systems, virtual environments, applications, etc.

With the help of Acronis Backup Advanced for PC you can perform a lot of operations, for example, you have the possibility to recover operating system, applications, files and any other data quickly, restore on the dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine, convert backups to virtual machines, store backed up files on the local computer, network folders, FTP servers, removable media, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks, Acronis Cloud Storage and special secure place- Acronis Secure Zone, and a lot of others.

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The Main Features of the Program

Backup and Restore- with the help of Acronis Backup Advanced for PC you can back up any type of data, i.e. the entire disks and volumes, specific folders and files, virtual machines, Microsoft Exchange information store and mailboxes. While selecting data for backup, you can exclude some file types from the backup process, for example, hidden or system files and folders, and so on.

Acronis Backup Advanced for PC allows you to store data on a wide variety of storage devices and locations. You can back up data to Acronis Cloud storage server, optical media (i.e. CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks), removable media (i.e. USB flash drive, external hard drive, and so on), local or network folders, FTP or SFTP servers, etc.

Acronis Backup Advanced for PC supports all-well known backup methods, i.e. full, incremental and differential and it offers six different backup schemes to use, for example, simple, custom, manual, and so on.

Acronis Backup Advanced for PC offers a wide range of different backup options that can be applied before starting backups- Archive Protection (i.e. you can protect your backups with a password by using three advanced encryption algorithms- AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256); Backup Cataloging (i.e. you can catalogize your backup contents and add some useful details to it for easy recovery in the future); Backup Performance (i.e. you can specify backup priority, HDD writing speed and network connection speed), Backup Splitting (i.e. you can split a very large backup into several smaller parts using pre-defined sizes or automatically); Compression Level (this option helps you to compress backups and make them smaller) and a lot of others.

Among other options it should be noted, for example, creating recovery disaster plans, fast incremental or differential backups, file-level backup snap[shots, sector-by-sector backups, and so on.

In addition, Acronis Backup Advanced for PC allows you to schedule the creation of automatic backups and run them at a specified time, for example, daily, weekly or monthly, and so on.

It is very easy to recover files from the previously created backups. All you need to do is to specify what to recover (for example, the entire disks or individual volumes, specific files or folders, and so on), where to recover and when to recover. Acronis Backup Advanced for PC will quickly restore everything according to specified settings.

acronis backup advanced coupon code

Other Functions

Acronis Bootable Media- you can take full advantage of this useful tool which is included in the program if you want to secure your system against permanent data loss. With the help of this tool you will create special bootable media based on Linux or Windows PE and burn it to CD and DVD disk or move to the removable media, for example, USB flash drive. This bootable media will help you to recover an operating system that cannot boot, access your stored backups, create basic or dynamic volumes, deploy the operating system on dissimilar hardware, and so on.

Virtual Machines- Acronis Backup Advanced for PC offers advanced tools for working with virtual machines, too. The program supports all well-known virtualization platforms, for example, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, and so on. You have the possibility to convert your backups to virtual machines on the one hand and back up to virtual machines on the other hand.

Disk Management- Acronis Backup Advanced for PC offers various tools for performing some basic operations with disks and volumes. The program supports all well-known file systems, for example, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and so on. With the help of the program you can perform the following operations- Disk initialization (i.e. you can add a new disk), Disk cloning, Disk conversion (i.e. you can convert from MBR to GPT or from basic to dynamic). In addition, you have the possibility to create or delete volumes, change volume letter or label, and some others.

Acronis Universal Restore- Acronis Backup Advanced for PC includes a special advanced application free of charge which allows you to create recovery media and restore a backup copy of your disk image to the dissimilar hardware and make it bootable by adding all necessary components and drivers.

Acronis Secure Zone- if you want to store all your backups safely in a special protected zone, you can take full advantage of this feature offered by Acronis Backup Advanced for PC. The program allows you to create a secure partition on your hard drive and store all your important files there isolated from the main drive. Thanks to that your valuable data will be securely protected against hardware failure or virus attack.

Cloud Backup- it is very important to store backups on the cloud services because they are stored there safer and more securely. Acronis Backup Advanced for PC offers its own cloud storage service- Acronis Cloud Backup. Of course, it is a paid service but thanks to it you can store unlimited files there and not care about them. They will be safe and you will be able to restore them at any time, from any device and from anyw

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