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The digital world we live in, is full of security risks, both offline (through infected disks) and online ones. This includes malware, trojans, viruses, ransomware to name a few. In most cases, these harmful scripts delete your computer’s entire hard drive, leaving you with a blank hard disk.

In some worst case scenarios, we may have no choice at all, but to just wipe the drive clean, and lose the files on it. But we can easily prevent loss of important data, with a simple process, backing up your data. This isn’t optional anymore, it is to some extent mandatory, for your own personal or official use.

Backing up data isn’t something new, we have had various backup software for years, although most users now use cloud storage services for their day to day tasks, like Photos, Videos, Docs, etc.

Now the problem is that you have to use two different software for these purposes. Local backup and cloud backup. What if it was possible with just one application? Meet Acronis True Image Cloud.

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The interface of Acronis True Image Cloud is identical to that of True Image, which is perfect because of its wonderful design. You have the same sidebar which makes it user friendly to operate.

Backup is the first one on the sidebar and lets you backup your data, which can include files, folders, hard drive partitions, and your computer’s full hard drive.

The files and folders option allows you to browse for and select the files using the built-in File explorer, which has a two pane view for easier browsing. You can choose to backup your files to your PC’s hard drive, or to an external hard drive, or to a third choice which is the highlight of this software, the Acronis Cloud, using which requires an Acronis account.

The specialty of choosing the Cloud backup option, is that you can access your data from any computer, simply from a web browser. You can store your entire PC’s Hardrive on the cloud, which is pretty amazing. Unlike the regular Acronis True Image, the cloud version has, you guessed it, unlimited storage space.

And this isn’t limited to just your PC’s files, yes you can actually backup your mobile phone’s files including pictures, videos, contacts, and notifications from Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and Windows tablets. Supported mobile operating systems include Apple iOS: 8.x and above, and Google Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

You can use Acronis to take a complete system backup of your computer and save it to any local storage device (PC or external HDD) or to the cloud storage account itself. This can then be used to restore the entire data on a hard drive without the need to reinstall your operating system and applications.

Should you wish to restore the backup to a new computer or new HDD, you can still do so, without starting from scratch. And the good news is that you don’t have to restore an entire backup to get one of your files. Simply choose the specific file or folder, and you can restore it individually. works for backups which are stored in the Cloud and the ones you have saved on a local drive.

All of your data on the cloud is encrypted using 256-bit encryption for top notch security, and only you have access to the private key used to decrypt the data.

The Archive option of Acronis Cloud, is useful for freein up space on your hard drive, because you can move files to the cloud storage. And the Dashboard option is useful for managing the files and folders, on any of your computers or your mobile phones.

Acronis has some advanced system backups thanks to its Acronis AnyData Engine, which allows you to save 10 last system states (kind of like system restore points), which you can roll back to, in case some issue occurs with your operating system. There is an incremental backup option, which only saves the changes made to an image, after you created it.

You can use the following external applications from the Tools tab in the sidebar:

Acronis System Report, Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Mananager, Add New Disk, Bootable Rescue Media Builder, Clone Disk, DriveCleanser, Manage Acronis SecureZone, System Clean-up and Try & Decide.

Acronis discount code

Acronis True Image Cloud works with the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and also on Apple machines running on Mac OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, and OS X El Capitan.

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