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Data is the heart beat of everything related to computers. From gaming to music, from videos to browsing, from email to chat, from documents to projects. Everything involves data of some sort or the other.

The problem is, most people do not worry about their data, until it is too late. For example, a virus attack could delete all your data, your operating system can fail to boot, a hard drive can get corrupted with bad sectors, or a PC component may stop functioning. These are merely some examples when data loss can occur, and depending on what kind of data you had on the drive, it could be timeless memories, or even crucial office docs or project files, which direcly impact your professional career.

Acronis Promo Code


Always remember this, technology is prone to issues and bugs, and hardware has an end date, but your data doesn’t. This is why you should always take some necessary precautions to prevnt data loss. Yes, just like saving your text document before closing the word processor, you must also save your data.

There are two ways to save your data: Online backups, and local backups.

Online backups are the modern trend these days, and are often inexpensive. They offer great convenience in that your data is available from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. This also helps you, as you don’t have to carry external media with you all the time.

Local backups are done using external hard disks. These have a great advantage, in that they are available anytime, even without an internet connection. And they offer a greater apount of security, because only you will have access to it, as long as you have the portable hard drive with you.

But there remains one issue. What about a complete backup? A full disk image backup? Which software do I need to backup my entire hard drive? Is it possible to have cloud backup too?

These questions literally have just one answer, and it is called Acronis True Image. Let’s see what makes this application really special.

The interface is very well designed, and is devoid of complex toolbars. It is simplistic and userfriendly, thanks to the sidebar layout.

It consists of the following options: Backup, Archive, Dashboard, Sync, Tools and Account.

The first option, Backup, as the name suggests is used to save backup copies of your data. This includes files and folders, individual partitions of your hard drive, and of course, your computer’s entire hard drive.

Choosing the files and folders option as the source, opens up the built-in File explorer in Acronis True Image, and it is simply one of the most beatiful designs I have ever seen. It has two panes, one with the folder tree, and the other with the sub-folders, files, etc.

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And the destination, i.e., the location where your data backup will be saved can be one of three places. Acronis Cloud, an external hard drive, or a custom location of your choice. This option is highly useful because you can access it from any computer, and the best part is that you don’t have to install Acronis on it. Yes, you can do so if you want to, but you can also access the files via any web browser.

You can choose to restore specific files and folders, which is very handy for quickly restoring content. Advanced Backup options allow you to keep a history of up to 10 last system states, which you can roll back to whenever you want to.

The Archive option, is also accessed through Acronis Cloud, and lets you free up space on your hard drive, by moving them to the Cloud, and for accessing this you need to login to your Acronis account.

And similar to the Archive option, the Dashboard is also an Acronis Cloud related one. You can use it to manage your files and folders from any computer.

Sync lets the software synchronize the data you have backed up to your Cloud account, to your device. So you have access to the data on any device you have installed it on. Acronis offers 256 bit encyption for backups, with a security key only available to you, so you can access your data.

The Tools tab, has some very powerful options. This includes the Clone Disk option, which you can use to make a disk image backup (of your hard disk), and you can use it to migrate to a newer hard disk.

The Rescue Media Builder allows you to create a bootable media, which can be used to start the computer when it is not bootable.

Also, if you are moving to a different hardware config, you can use the Acronis Universal Restore Media to create a new restoration option. So you don’t don’t have to reinstall the OS.

Mobile phone users have access to their data on their PCs, thanks to the remote app called Parallel Access.

You can access the following tools from the same tab, but they are really each their own standalone application.

Acronis System Report
Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Mananager
Add New Disk
Bootable Rescue Media Builder
Clone Disk
Manage Acronis SecureZone
System Clean-up
Try & Decide

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