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Now thanks to Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 you can not only protect your backed up files locally against loss but store them securely using the most advanced and unique cloud technologies. The program offers the most comprehensive ways to back up your PC, Mac and other devices including Android and iOS devices (i.e. Android smartphones and tablets or iPhone and iPad), store them on the cloud and manage through all of them from one place, i.e. Acronis cloud portal.

Acronis True Image Cloud is the only backup solution that provides backup and recovery for desktop computers and mobile devices.  It allows you to back up and restore any files and the entire system easily from the cloud storage. I think that the cloud backup is the most convenient and the safest way to store your important data because, firstly, you can access your backups from anywhere in the world; secondly, all your files are securely protected from loss and they are located remotely from the computer, and so on.

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The main features of the program

Backup and Restore- Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 allows you to back up practically everything; you can back up the entire PC, separate disks or partitions of your hard drive or specific files and folders using three different backup methods, i.e. full, incremental and differential. Created backups can be stored on the Acronis cloud storage server (the program offers unlimited space storage and allows you to access your files from anywhere and from any device, for example, Android phone or tablet, iPad or iPhone, and so on.

All you need to do is to download and install these apps on your mobile devices), any external drive (for example, USB flash drive, external hard drive, optical media, and so on) and on the local computer (all you need to specify the desired location on your internal hard drive for storing your backups).

Backed up files or even the entire system can be easily restored from the Acronis Cloud server or any external media connected to the computer. Just specify the location from where you want to restore your backup and follow step by step instructions of the program. In minutes all your files will be restored and your system will be recovered.

Backup Options- Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 offers a wide variety of advanced options and parameters for backing up your files and system. For example, you have the possibility to apply the following settings- Schedule (i.e. you can manually specify the desired backup occurrence and run it when you want, for example, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on)

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Backup Scheme (this option allows you to choose the desired backup scheme, for example, single version or incremental scheme, and so on, and backup method, i.e. full, incremental or differential method)

Exclusions (i.e. with the help of this option you can specify those files which will be excluded from the backup procedure)

Backup Splitting (this option helps you to split your backup into several parts if it exceeds, for example, your DVD disk capacity; the program offers several pre-defined sizes, for example, 8 GB, 25 GB, and so on. In addition, you can also customize the desired size manually); Validation (it is very important to keep backups free from errors. This function allows you to validate the created backups and their integrity, for example, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. All you need to do is to specify the desired validation period), Encryption (Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 allows you to protect your backups with a strong password by using the most advanced encryption algorithms, for example, AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256).

In addition, Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 also offers a lot of other advanced options, for example, you can add comments to your backups, configure removable media settings, create a reserve copy of your backup, and so on.

Tools- in addition to advanced backup features, Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 provides you with a wide variety of tools which allow you to perform various actions; they are as follows:

With the help of the program you can Clone Disk (i.e. you have the possibility to create an exact copy of your hard drive with all its files, applications and settings and easily transfer it to the new disk); create Rescue Media Builder (i.e. a special bootable disk or USB flash drive and use it if your system becomes unbootable.

Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 offers two bootable media types based on Acronis media type and WinPE media type)

create Acronis Universal Boot media (i.e. with the help of this tool you can create a special media builder and recover your system to dissimilar hardware)

access your computer from your smartphone or tablet and manage your backups with the help of them by downloading  and installing a special third-party application Parallels Access (I think that it is a very useful tool)

add a new disk; wipe out confidential and sensitive files permanently from the hard drive without any chance of their recovery by using a special tool Drive Cleanser (Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 offers eight different deletion methods, for example, DoD 5220.22-M, Peter Gutmann, and so on), clean up unnecessary files and Windows activity traces with the help of System Clean-up tool (Acronis True Image Cloud 2018 helps you to remove temporary files, recently used documents list, opened files history, and so on),

create a special Acronis Secure Zone (i.e. a special safe and secure partition on your hard drive, isolate it from the system and store all your important backups there) and take full advantage of the very useful tool called Try and Decide (with the help of this tool you can safely try unknown software, visit suspicious websites, open spam mails, and so on.

The main advantage of this tool is that all performed operations are carried out in a special safe environment and all changes will be easily eliminated without doing any harm to the system.

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