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Acronis True Image 2018 is one of the best applications on the software market for all kinds of local and online backup of important data and the system in general. It allows you to perform the most secure and reliable backups by using the most advanced and modern technologies including cloud backups- Acronis Cloud.

Acronis True Image 2018 allows the computer users to take full advantage of advanced features of data security and reliably protect important files and the entire system against data loss by storing the full system image in a secure storage.

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Thanks to using the most modern and the highest technologies which the program offers, you will be always sure that your data are securely protected including all applications, files, settings, and so on.

The most convenient and easy to use interface allows you to back up and restore the saved data very easier than ever. Acronis True Image 2018 also includes both desktop and mobile applications including the full support for Android and iOS devices, so you can easily backed up data from any place, for any computer and at any time.

The main features of the program

Backup methods and types- with the help of Acronis True Image 2018 you can back up the entire PC, separate disks and partitions and specific files and folders. The program supports all well-known and popular backup schemes and methods. You have the possibility to perform Full backup (i.e. you can back up the entire computer with all its files and folders), Incremental backup (i.e. back up only those files which have been changed since the last backup) and Differential (i.e. add to the existing backup new files). In addition, Acronis True Image 2017 also allows you to create custom backups, i.e. you can manually specify the desired options and settings.

Backup Options- there are a lot of advanced options at your disposal while creating backups. Acronis True Image 2018 offers a wide range of possibilities for applying different additional options. For example, you can schedule backups and run them at specified time (for example, daily, weekly or monthly), exclude some files types from the backup process (simply specifying them), protect backups from unauthorized access and use by the strongest password (Acronis True Image 2018 offers the most advanced encryption methods, for example, AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256), split backups into several parts 9for example, 650 MB, 700 MB, 4,7 GB, and so on), validate created backups to avoid their loss, add comments to the backup, and a lot of others.

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Backup Storage- Acronis True Image 2018 allows you to store created backups anywhere from a single disk to cloud. The number of supported devices is unlimited. You have the possibility to store files on the local computer or any removable media (for example, USB flash drive, external drive, and so on) on the one hand and burn backups to the optical media or even upload them to the Acronis cloud storage on the other hand. Acronis Cloud offers unlimited storage and it allows you to access you files from anywhere and from any device.

Acronis Tools- Acronis True Image 2018 offers a lot of advanced additional tools which allow you to perform a wide variety of actions. The following tools are at your disposal:

Clone Disk- i.e. you can create the exact copy of the entire system with all its files, applications and settings and use it, for example, for moving to a new disk. This is a great way to protect the operating system and important files for permanent loss. Just make an image of your hard drive, upload it to Acronis Cloud and use at any time for restoring the system and files.

Rescue Media Builder- with the help of this very useful tool you can create a so called bootable media and restore damaged or unbootable system. Acronis True Image 2018 allows you to create media based on Acronis rescue bootable media or WINPE media with Acronis plug-in. All necessary components (for example, Windows AIK or Windows ADK) the program will download for you. Created media builder can be burned to the CD or DVD disk, transferred to any removable media and saved as an ISO file.

Acronis Universal Restore- it is very difficult to transfer the operating system to a new computer because it has got dissimilar hardware. But it is not a problem for Acronis True Image 2018 . Thanks to this very useful feature you can easily do that. All you need to download a special separate application for the Acronis official website which will help you to create a bootable media type based on Linux or Windows. After selecting and applying all desired parameters, you will be able to restore the system on the new computer regardless its hardware.

Parallel Access- Acronis True Image 2018 allows you to manage your backups not only on the computer but also remotely access from any device, for example, smartphone or tablet. Just download a special third-party application and install it. With the help of it you will be able access and manage your backups from any place and any device.

Drive Cleanser- this tool allows you to delete important and sensitive data from the hard drive and make them inaccessible to others. There are seven secure deletion methods at your disposal, for example, U.S. Standard DoD 5220.22 M, and so on. Data wiped out with the help of these methods will be impossible to restore.

System Clean-Up- This tool allows you to remove unnecessary items from the system, for example, temporary files, clipboard history, and so on.

Try and Decide- it is a very useful tool which allows you to create a special temporary working area on the computer and test unknown programs, visit suspicious websites without installing advanced virtualization software. All changes will be easily eliminated after finishing the session.

Acronis Secure Zone- this tool allows you to create a special protected zone on your hard drive which is separated from the system and store your backups there. All you need is to specify the capacity of this zone and protect it with a password. This zone is invulnerable to viruses on the one hand and inaccessible to others on the other hand.

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