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Running an office is no walk in the park. You have to organize a lot of things to make the workflow roll smoothly. We aren’t talking about employee motivation or agendas or that sort of thing here.

Instead we are discussing what makes a job easier, what helps the employee perform his task easier, a computer of course. Desktops are the heart of any enterprise, large or small. Most offices, to cut on expenses, lease computers from manifcaturers, and trade them in for upgraded machines later.

Likewise, they also have volume licensing for the operating system, which powers the computers, Windows. If you have ever worked in a corporate office, you know what we are talking about, you will have seen the system information which ties the license to the company, and not to individuals.

When troubleshooting these computers, OEMs send their engineers to inspect machines once in a while, to ensure every PC is up and running, and they don’t lose business with the client. But these infrequent visits are still not an effective way, to monitor your office’s computers.

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Monitoring your computer is an absolute must, regardless of what computer you have and what you are using it for. You absolutely cannot afford to have a system down during work hours. You may be using the computer for writing mails, or documents, creating presentations, or schedule appointments, or even for video conferencing.

You need to ensure your IT team has a more simpler method, one which can be used all year round without depending on tech support.

This can be done by using software designed for diagnosing computers and auditing networks. And the one we recommend for this, is AIDA64 Business edition.

What makes the program so special, let’s analyze it and find out, shall we?

The interface of AIDA64 Business is similar to the other products in the line up. That means its just as easy to use, with its well organized simplistic UI. It kind of resembles Windows’ Device Manager, or the Control Panel.

AIDA64 Business edition’s UI has two main areas. The sidebar on the left hand side, and the large pane on the right.

There is also a toolbar and a menu bar on top of the interface. The menubar has a few basic options, and some optional settings like a status bar, which when enabled appears on the bottom of the UI. You can uncheck the option to hide the status bar, and the toolbar.

There are options to resize the icons, to suit your liking. The details option, will put a text description next to each icon, so you can learn what the option will do.

The Report menu is very useful option, which lets you generate reports of various components such as the System, Hardware, Software and Benchmarks. You can also select a Custom report too. In addition to these, AIDA64 Business edition also lets you generate a special report for Audit.

Another specialty of the AIDA64 Business edition, is that it lets you save reports in some extra formats in addition to the usual Plain Text, HTML and MHTML formats. The extra report options are as follows:

  • CSV (Excel spreadsheet)
  • MIF (Management Information Format
  • INI
  • ADO

You may use the Quick Report option, which will generate reports from all pages at once, and allows you to save it in one of the 7 formats above. These reports can be used to compare the hardware and software on each computer connected to the network.


You can use AIDA64 to stress test your computers’ components using the following tools:

Disk Benchmark, Cache And Memory Benchmark, GPGPU Benchmark, ACPI Browser, DRAM timings, Monitor Diagnostics, System Stability Test and AIDA64 CPUID.

The Remote menu is also one of the special features in the Business Edition of AIDA64, and allows you to Audit an entire network. This includes monitoring the activity and status of all the computers connected to the same network, from a single PC. You can also use the command-line options for Network Audits. To view a list of the supported commands, refer to the help menu in AIDA64 Business Edition.

That’s not all, you can even use the program to take over a remote computer and perform administrative tasks, as well as transfer files to it.

The Audit Manager accessible from the File menu lets you perfrom Auditing tasks, while the Database manager lets you view the database section. The Change Manager lets you analyze your network to detect and list out the changes between snapshots taken periodically. It can even work in realtime, by monitoring your systems for changes in hardware or software, and also notify you with alert notifications, so you can handle the situation quickly.

Now, let’s move to the sidebar on the left. You will notice that it lists various parts of the system, and its hardware. They are as follows:

Computer, Motherboard, Operating System, Server, Display, Multimedia, Storage, Network, DirectX, Devices, Software, Security, Config, Database and Benchmark.

Click on an option, to expand its menu, to list more options under the selected item. Doing so, will instantly cause the pane on the right side to display the options corresponding to the one you selected. Doubleclick on an item in this list to view detailed information of the selection.

AIDA64 fully supports external displays, to let you view the information on many LCD/VFD devices. It supports over 50 such displays connected to a computer, and even supports modern touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets.

AIDA64 Business edition works on every version of Windows, regardless of the bit architecture (32/64bit), including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. What’s more you can even use it to monitor Linux computers, using a special tool.

Buy AIDA64 Business at the best price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Monitor the performance of all of your office’s computers using a single installation of AIDA64.