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Computers like most electronic devices, are unique in many ways. We are talking from the hardware perspective of course. While people buy branded desktops and laptops, some users build their own custom PCs for different purposes.

Gamers usually refer to their computer as a custom rig, because they built it by choosing various parts according to their needs. This ranges right from the chassis, to the GPU, CPU, RAM,HDD and even the cables. this is very useful because such desktops allow for upgrading components more easily.

Likewise, there are very many laptops around the world which vary from each other. Macbooks for example are universally same, because it is manufactured by one company, which sticks to a spec sheet.

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So, it is not easy to identify the hardware components of a computer simply by looking at it. You will have to either be familiar with the specs yourself or look for the model number, which you can usually find on a sticker somewhere on the device’s casing.

Or if you are even remotely tech savvy you can access the System tab from Windows’ Control Panel. Geeky users may even use the device manager tab to pull up more information about the computer. But neither of these built in options give you detailed information about your computer’s internals.

Now what will you do? Obviously you have to find some way to gather the system information, and for this, you need to rely on third party software.

Let’s you are a computer technician, and are hired to check up some computers. What tool will you use to analyze the computers? Allow us to help you make the choice with AIDA64 Engineer edition.

It’s actually quite similar to AIDA64 Extreme, but with a couple of extra functions. We’ll explain the changes as we go through the software’s details.

AIDA64 Engineer has a very minimalistic interface, which is quite similar to the Device Manager in Windows.

The program’s GUI comprises of two primary areas: a sidebar on the left, which you use for navigating the various areas, and a large pane on the right, which reflects the information of the item you select on the sidebar.


You can use the toolbar on top of the interface to access some of the functions. The menubar is home to some optional settings such as enabling a status bar, increasing or decreasing the size of the icons which are displayed on the right pane. If you want a more user friendly UI, select the details view, which when enabled, will display a description next to every option.

The Report menu allow you to generate reports of the System Summary, Hardware,
Software, Benchmarks and even offers a Custom selection option.

Hardware reports lists all of your computer’s hardware components and their details. Software reports are for listing all software you have installed on the PC, and also shows which ones run on startup. This is pretty useful, as you can disable unneeded ones, to speed up your computer’s boot time.

The benchmark reports should not be confused with the options, under the tools menu.

All of these reports can be saved for later use, which is great as you can analyze them for problems or for comparing the performance of multiple machines. You can select to save reports in text format, or as a HTML page, which is more organized. Optionally, you can even send reports via email too. These are very useful for engineers who have to benchmark a lot of computers at the client’s office in a single visit.

The tools menu houses a variety of stress tests for each components (listed below). Running these will show you how well the component performs.

The available stress tests are: Disk Benchmark, Cache And Memory Benchmark, GPGPU Benchmark, Monitor Diagnostics, System Stability Test, and AIDA64 CPUID.

The left sidebar can be used to navigate the following areas:

Computer, Motherboard, Operating System, Server, Display, Multimedia, Storage, Network, DirectX, Devices, Software, Security, Config, Database and Benchmark.

Selecting one of the above, will switch the right pane to display its corresponding options.

For example, if you want to check the temperatures of your computer’s CPU, click on the Sensors tab. This will display the temperature of each of the processor’s core, along with the HDD’s temperature, voltage values and also the power values of the processor. Laptop users will be able to check their device’s battery temperature too.

Similarly the Windows security option lists all the security programs you have installed on the PC, like antivirus, firewall, antispyware, etc. Optionally, rightclick on any menu item and select quick report for a fast analysis of the component.

AIDA64 Engineer edition lets you run a lot of benchmarks, which allows you test how well the computer’s RAM and CPU fare against other such products.

When you run AIDA64 you will notice that its icon sits on the system tray. This can be hidden, and still let the program work. This is possible thanks to
the /SILENT command-line option, which AIDA64 supports. Likewise you can also use more advanced command line options for networks.

This includes full support for Network Audits, and servers (worksatations).

That is not the only specialty of AIDA64 Engineer edition. There is one more which makes it truly invaluable. The Engineer license, is not tied to a single computer, and hence can be used on any number of computers, after all that is what engineers do, analyze, and perform diagnostics on client’s machines. But do remember, only one person can use the license.

AIDA64 Extreme is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. You can carry AIDA64 Engineer edition on your flash drive, thanks to the portable version, which is readily available on the developer’s website.

Buy AIDA64 Engineer at the lowest price you will find, and save with our exclusive discount code. One software to diagnose and monitor them all, it truly does a remarkable job.