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Quick question, do you know which processor is in your computer? Most people can answer this correctly. We either forget the technical specifications after a few months or years, or aren’t aware of it at all.

This is not a big issue, because there are thousands of computer models around the world, so each of us may have a different configuration. So, we may not be as familiar with our rig as we may think we are.

You can open Control Panel > System to view the basic info about your PC or laptop’s hardware.

But what if you want to know more advanced information about your computer’s internals? The only way to do that is with some sort of utility, which can analyze the hardware in real time to provide you with up to date information of the parts are performing.

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Which software is best suited for this purpose? There is only one application which I trust for these, and that’s AIDA64 Extreme. I have been using AIDA’s software for a longtime, when it was originally called Everest before it was renamed about 4 or 5 years ago.

Let’s take a look at why AIDA64 Extreme is the system information tool you need to use.

The interface of AIDA64 is good, nothing fancy, it looks pretty much like the Windows Device Manager, but with a ton of extra details. Take a look at the screenshot above and you will see what I mean.

The software has two main sections: a sidebar on the left and a large pane on the right hand side.

There is a toolbar on the top of the UI, and a menubar from which you can enable an optional status bar as well, which will be displayed on the bottom of the window. You can also use it to change the sizes of the icons which are displayed in the main pane, or even switch to details view, which is useful as it has a description next to each icon.

The Report menu options allow you to select from one of the following reports:

  • System Summary only
  • Hardware related pages
  • Software related pages
  • Benchmark pages
  • and Custom selection


The first option saves the complete system’s details including the operating system information, all the drivers of the devices you have connected to the computer.

The Hardware report concentrates on the information about hardware components, while the Software report lists all the software you have installed on your computer, which programs run on startup and more.

The benchmark report analyzes the performance of each component of your computer and saves the results.

AIDA64 Extreme lets you save reports about your system, which you can print, or save as a text/html format, or send it via email. This way it is easy to analyze the system components in an efficient manner.

The tools menu lets you run various benchmark tests such as

  • Disk Benchmark – Hard Drive Speed and performance
  • Cache And Memory Benchmark – RAM Speed and performance
  • GPU Benchmark – Tests your Graphics Card and CPU
  • Monitor Diagnostics – Tests your computer’s display
  • System Stability Test – Computer’s general performance under stress tests
  • AIDA64 CPUID – Displays CPU, Motherboard, BIOS details

Now, lets take a look at the toolbar. It has a few arrow buttons to help in navigating the list of menu items in the sidebar. Then there is the refresh icon which helps in reloading a page to view the realtime stats. You can use the graph icon to run a system stability test, or the paper icon for starting a report.

The left sidebar houses options for the following components:

Computer, Motherboard, Operating System, Server, Display, Multimedia, Storage, Network, DirectX, Devices, Software, Security, Config, Database and Benchmark.

Clicking on one of the above options will expand the list to display a number of sub-menu items. The right pane will have icons for the same options.

You can click on one of the items in the sidebar, or the right pane to view the detailed information for the option which you have selected.

The Computer menu for example, displays the following information:

Summary – Complete information about the computer (Computer Type, OS, IE/Edge version, Direct X, Computer Name, Motherboard, Display, Multimedia, Storage Devices, Partitions, Input Devices, Network Info, Peripherals, DMI, PRoblems and Suggestions (if any are found)

You can use the Sensor tab to monitor the temperatures of the CPU, including that of each core, and that of the hard drive, and in case of laptops, the battery too. It also displays the voltage values and power values of your CPU and the battery (including the charge rate).

The Windows Security tab lists the Windows Update installed on the PC, what Anti-Virus you use, the Firewall information, and the Anti-Spyware and Anti-Trojan software you have on the PC.

Similarly each of the tabs mentioned above houses complete details of every hardware on your computer, down from the BIOS to the software, i.e., the Operating System.

The following benchmark tests are available in AIDA64 Extreme edition.

  • Memory Read
  • Memory Write
  • Memory Copy
  • Memory Latency
  • CPU Queen
  • CPU PhotoWorxx
  • CPU ZLib
  • CPU Hash
  • FPU VP8
  • FPU Julia
  • FPU Mandel
  • FPU SinJulia
  • FP32 Ray-Trace
  • FP64 Ray-Trace

Note: These tests are quite intensive, and should be run when the computer is idle (without programs running in the background)

You can right click on any item to get a quick report of the selection. If you want to monitor the computer’s hardware while using other programs, you can enable optional OSD (On screen display), and/or Sensor Panel, both of which can be customized to your liking (size, text style, color, etc).

AIDA64 Extreme literally works on every version of Windows right from 95 to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and the latest version, Windows 10. You can also choose to download a portable version of AIDA64 Extreme, and carry it around on a USB stick to use it on any computer you have access to.

Buy AIDA64 Extreme at the lowest price you will find, and save with our exclusive discount code. It is the only software you will need to monitor all of your computer’s hardware, from a single interface.