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Networks are the heart of every business today. No longer are we dependent on paper work, and hours of tiring travel from office to the client’s premises.

We live in a world which relies on emails, cloud storage, and web apps. These make our work lives that much easier, and improve our efficiency by a great extent. From ordering office supplies, to project work, keeping your computer secure, communicating with clients, collaborating with your co-workers, everything depends on networks.

Now, this is a both a boon and a bane. Networks, especially office networks suffer from two main problems: server downtime and the fact that they are often the target of online attacks, and scams. This is something which you cannot afford to ignore.

You have to ensure that your network is fully functioning 24×7, regardless of any issues. There are and can never be any excuses when it comes to running a business firm.

Merely having an IT team to resolve issues, is not enough. There is no time to lose, if your team can’t handle it, and you have to call in technician’s from the computer manufacturer, or your network provider, and that could prove to be a very costly mistake.

aida64 network audit coupon

You must provide your IT guys with a way to monitor your network of computers, to ensure everything is running smoothly. And how will you do that? What about a software which will let you monitor your computer’s and also audit the network? That is exactly what AIDA64 Network Audit is designed for.

Let’s take a closer look at the program, and why it is the best at what it does?

AIDA64 Network Audit looks similar to the other software from the developer, and it is a good thing. If you are familiar with one, you will be able to use any of these without looking up the help documentation.

In fact, we find it to be very user friendly, thanks to the clean UI. IT is simplistic, rich with information, and the advantage of having an application which looks like the Device Manager in Windows, makes it quite easy to navigate.

The interface itself consists of two sections: A sidebar positioned on the left side of the UI, and a larger portion of the screen, which we will refer to as the right pane.

Before we dive into their features, let’s take a look at the toolbar and the menu bar, on top of the program’s interface.

The menubar has some interesting options, such as the Audit Manager, the Database Manager, and the Change Manager. These are housed under the File tab. The Audit Manager lets you audit reports which you have saved to file or from databases.

The Database Manager lets you manage your saved databases, and the Change Manager allows you to monitor your network for changes made to your computer, be it a hardware change or a software one.

The View menu optional settings which lets you disable and enable the toolbar and status bar. It also lets you switch between four view modes: Large or Small Icons, List, and Details. These options change the view of the items displayed in the right pane of the UI.

The Details option displays a text description next to each icon, which is useful if you are using AIDA64 Network Audit for the first time.

The Report menu is the most useful part of the program as it lets you save reports with the complete details of your computer like the System Summary, Hardware, Software and Benchmarks. AIDA64 Network Audit has an option to save reports of pages that are require for Audits, and should you wish to, you can generate custom reports which lets you save information of particular sections.

The Quick Report option generates reports from all the pages with a single click of the mouse. Reports can be saved in various formats like Plain Text, HTML, MHTML, XML, CSV, MIF, INI and ADO. You can use these reports for auditing them

The sidebar of AIDA64 Network Audit, lists a lot of system related shortcuts. Here is the full list of items which are found on the bar:

  1. Computer
  2. Motherboard
  3. Operating System
  4. Server
  5. Display
  6. Multimedia
  7. Storage
  8. Network
  9. DirectX
  10. Devices
  11. Software
  12. Security
  13. Config
  14. Database
  15. Benchmark

Double click on one of the above options, and the item will expand into a collapsible list. The same information about the selection will also be displayed on the right pane.

Both of these have more items which you can select from. For example: Selecting the “Server” option lists the following:

  • Share
  • Opened Files
  • Account Security
  • Logon
  • Users
  • Local Groups
  • Global Groups

You can double click on one of the sub-menu items, to get more detailed information about the same. In this case, clicking on opened files, will display the list of remote files which are open, i.e., files which are open on each computer on a network.

This information will be displayed directly in the right pane. To close a list on the sidebar, simply double click on the opened menu, or click on the arrow to the left of it.

AIDA64 Network Audit supports command line options, which can be found under the help menu. These options allow you to perform various tasks such as generating reports, and even allows you to run the program silently, without the AIDA64 system tray icon being displayed, or the program’s window open in the background.


AIDA64 Network Audit is fully compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Sever 2016, and every prior version of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit). The added bonus in the program, is that it comes with an optional utility which cab be downloaded, to collect audit reports Linux computers, on your network.

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