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We spend a lot of time watching videos online. And our primary source for this is, no prizes for guessing it, of course, is YouTube. Everything from movie trailers, music videos, live streaming of Let’s Play video gameplays, to fantastic tutorials are mostly available on the most popular video streaming service.

The fact that we watch videos on YouTube almost on a daily basis, also means we use up a lot of our internet bandwidth for streaming the content. Sometimes, we may want to watch the same video again and again. For example a cute cat video, or a comedy clip, or even a song.

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The problem here is that, you will need to stream the content again, which means, you will be eating the same amount of data again. And this becomes more of a heavier burden, if it is a high resolution video, or a long video.

How do you avoid this small yet very annoying problem? The obvious answer to it is, maybe I should download the video once and save it. And yes that is the wiser solution, for it allows you to watch the video offline.

This also means you can watch the videos even when you are not connected to the internet, like during a long plane travel, or a power outage or when the internet connection is not working.

I have often come across situations, when people ask me for help with a technical issue, or even some assistance as to how to pass a level or solve a quest in a game. Sometimes, I send them a link to a YouTube video which would help them more efficiently. And quite often, they tell me they downloaded the video, in case they want to watch it later, or view it while following the tutorial.

That’s some good thinking, as sometimes good videos are taken off the website, when the uploader deletes it for whatever reason. But you can still watch the copy of the video which you downloaded.

Your browser can’t download videos, you will need some add-on to help you with that. But these web apps are feature limited, and are not exactly reliable like a proper download manager. Now, there are a few YouTube downloader apps out there for Mac. Which one is the best? We tested some, and concluded that Eltima’s Airy for Mac is the best one.

Let’s see what makes the app really special. For starters, Airy has a very simplistic UI, which kind of reminds us of a web browser.

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There is an address bar, and you can enter the URL of the video you wish to download here. Doing so, will highlight the download button, but don’t click on it yet.

Instead, click on the drop down menu at the bottom left corner. This lets you select the format you want to download the file in. The app supports many video formats including MP4, FLV, 3GP, Webm formats. You can select the resolution of the video from the same menu, and yes it even supports 4K and 8K UHD videos too.

This is useful, as you can opt for 720p or 1080p for videos which you can watch on your smartphone, and for higher resolution if you plan to watch videos on your TV or big screen monitor.

Airy is not limited to downloading videos alone. A lot of singers upload their music videos to YouTube for their fans to listen for free. If you want to listen to their music offline, you might want to consider downloading just the audio portion from the video. Airy lets you do this and save the audio in the most popular format which is compatible with all smart devices, MP3.

This is a great advantage to users, as we don’t have to wait for a video to download, and then use another app to convert the video file to audio format.

You can download multiple files at once with Airy. And the best part is that it supports pause/resume, which lets you stop the download temporarily and download the files later, right from where you left off.

Multiple file downloads also works with YouTube Playlists and entire channels. This is incredibly useful and a huge time saver. You can watch your favorite vlogger’s creations offline anytime you want using this option.

The app even lets you download each video in a playlist in the best quality it is available in.

You can login to your YouTube account from Airy’s menu, to access content which is only available to you (protected content and restricted content), and still download the videos using the app.

Once you click the download button, a progress bar will appear just below the address bar. It will display the name of the video, the format you chose to download it in, the file size, and the time taken to download the file.

Airy is available in 9 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and Russian. There is a free version with limited features which you can try before you decide to go for the pro version, which unleashes the full functions of Airy.

The app can be integrated into Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. So no matter which one you use, Airy supports your browser and lets you save the videos by integrating itself in your browser. This eliminates the need of opening the app everytime manually and then copying and pasting a link, and saves precious seconds.

Why wait impatiently for a video to buffer and stutter? Download the entire thing and watch it comfortably.

Buy Airy for Mac OS X at the best price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Airy supports Mac OS X El Capitan, and is very user friendly even for users who are not tech savvy. It’s also available for Windows PCs too.