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Algologic All Files Email Extractor Coupon Code

If your email inbox is frequently home to documents, i.e., you get emails with attachments, you are probably keeping tabs on them. These documents can be crucial for your day to day work, business operations, bills, receipts, or even business communication from your clients, or customers. 

Most official documents often contain an email address or two, which are important. You could add them to your address book, and save the email addresses for future communication.  

The problem however, is that documents may contain multiple email addresses, and on any page. So, if a document has multiple pages, it becomes difficult to look for email addresses. This becomes a more tedious a task, if the document is a PDF, as these are not exactly search friendly. 

What if you could extract the email addresses from the documents using a software? That is precisely what Algologic All Files Email Extractor is for. We tested the program for quite a while, and were impressed with how it worked. 

The interface of Algologic All Files Email Extractor is rather simple, which is just what we need. There are no complexities whatsoever, making it a very user-friendly program. All that the GUI consists of, is a single toolbar and two panes. 

To begin with, you will need to import some documents to the application, which contain the email addresses you want to extract. There are two ways to add the documents, the first of which is by using the Folder icon on the toolbar. This opens a Windows File Explorer window, using which you can browse your computer’s hard drive, for the location of the folder which contains the documents you want to add to All Files Email Extractor. You can also use a USB Storage device such as a flash drive, a portable hard disk,or a mobile phone, and use it as a source for the documents. 

If you want to add each file yourself, for example if the documents are located in different folders, you can use the Note and Arrow icon, which lets you browse the PC for the location of the documents. You can also use this option after selecting a folder already, and add more documents to the list. 

Now, which document types can you add to the program? Algologic All Files Email Extractor supports a wide-range of document formats from PDFs, Word files (doc / .docx), Excel formats (.xls / .xlsx), Power-Point (.ppt / .pptx), and many other formats including RTF, XML, TXT, MSF, EML, CSV, DBX. When you have added the documents application for extraction, they are displayed neatly in a list on the pane to the left edge, just below the toolbar. If you wish to remove a file or 2 from the list, you can use the “Clear List” button above the pane, which deletes the entire list, and allows you start anew. 

The list which displays the imported documents, is a numbered list, which also displays the name of each document, and the folder location of each file, each in a different column. The Emails Count will be blank initially, as we have not yet scanned the contents of the documents for the email addresses. Speaking of which, you can click on the magnifying glass icon, to start the scan process in Algologic All File Email Extractor. The process is completed within a few seconds. The Email Count column will display a number, to indicate how many email addresses were found in the specific document. 

The counter above the right pane, has a counter, to display the total number of email addresses which were found by Algologic All Files Email Extractor. The pane itself has another numbered list, which displays the email addresses, which were found in the documents. 

One important thing to note here, is that you do not need any external application to open the specific document format. So, you can use All File Email Extractor on a computer which does not have any PDF reader or Microsoft Office, or some similar applications.  The program intelligently prevents duplicate email addresses from being listed, and instead only lists the unique email addresses which were in the documents. To further narrow down the list of email addresses, there is a very useful option. 

And this would be the fourth icon in the toolbar, which is the filter icon. It has two options. You can type some words in the boxes, which can be a full email address, or just the prefix, or just the domain name part of the email IDs. The box on the left, can be used to keep the email addresses which you wish to retain. The box on the right, can be used to hide the email addresses which contain the keywords, which you have entered.  

Algologic All Files Email Extractor Coupon Code

The 5th icon in the toolbar is the Save option, which can save the list, to a document of your choice. You can save the list of the email addresses found by Algologic All File Email Address Extractor, in one of three document formats. The output formats supported by the program include XLS, CSV and TXT. So you can use Microsoft Office Excel or Windows Notepad to open the documents. 

If you had manually searched inside the documents for the email addresses, it would have taken you a significantly longer time, either ranging in minutes or even hours. Why waste your precious time, when the program can do the same in just a matter of seconds. You can get the email addresses from thousands of documents quickly, with a few clicks of the mouse. 

The program works in all versions of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.  You can download the free version of the program, and check out the features, before you decide to buy it.  Buy Algologic All Files Email Extractor at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code.