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Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager Coupon Code

We live in a digital age, which has malware, ransomware, and more recently CPU vulnerabilities, it is not very difficult to imagine what kind of an impact data loss could have. Simply put, it would be disastrous. Most people will tell you, that it is a good idea to prevent such a scenario, is to use an antivirus software.  

But is that enough? No, absolutely not.  Antivirus software can miss the occasional new malware. Also, there is the risk of computer hardware failing, which sometimes can also result in critical data loss.  

To prevent such risks, you need to make it a practice, to regularly backup your data. But despite taking backups people still end up losing their data sometimes. Do you know why? Because, they often forget to backup their data, and their most recent files are often lost. 

So, what is the solution for this problem. We can recommend Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager, for a variety of reasons. Here’s why. 

The program, as its name suggests, can automatically backup your data, without your intervention. So, even if you forget to backup the data, the program won’t.  That’s pretty cool, right? There is a lot more which it can do, which we will explain. 

Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager has a rather simple design, which is great, because this makes the program user-friendly. The interface of Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager has a very simple design. There is a toolbar on the top of the window and a large pane below it. The Plus icon (+ symbol) is the one you need to use for managing the application. You could say that it is a one button software, but this actually opens a pop-up window with more options. 

The window which is displayed when you click on the plus symbol, is the Schedule Backup screen. To start with you have to give the Backup Task, a name. This can be just words, or numbers, or an alphanumerical combination. The next step is to select the Backup Source, and you have 2 choices here. 

Your Backup Source can either be a folder which contains the files, which you wish to backup, or you can also directly select specific files too. The first bar on the screen, displays the location of the Backup Source. You can click on the browse button, to open a pop-up File Explorer window, which you can use to navigate to the directory where the folder or files are located. You can select multiple folders as the locations from which the data should be backed up. 

The “File Types For Backup” option allows you to pick all the files in the selected source. Optionally, you can use the “Specific File Types” button, to select only the file formats which you mention. 

Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager Coupon Code

When you choose the Specific File Types option, you will see that the File Types selector changes to display several file formats. Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager scans the folder which you selected as the source, and displays file format of the contents in the folder. You can use the checkbox next to each file extension, to mark only those formats for backup. This can be TXT, JPG, GIF, PDF, RAR, etc. There is no restriction to the file type which you can backup using the program. 

The “Destination For Backup” option, lets you select the folder in which the backups created by the application should be saved in to.  The source and destination folders can actually be on any device, be it the PC’s hard drive, a network drive, a USB Flash Drive, or any external hard disk. 

The Backup Schedule settings can be used to select the date and time, at which the backup task should run. You can select any future time, day, month and year for the same. There is a repeat option, which when enabled, will make the program run the backup tasks on regular intervals. You can set the backup tasks to repeat every month, or week, or every day, or even every few hours. 

You can create as many backup tasks as you want to, in Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager. Back to the main screen of the program, you will see the backup tasks which you created listed on the large pane. You can see the task name, the backup source, the destination folder, along with the status of the task. You can also see when the last backup was made, when the next backup is set to run, and the backup frequency information on the same screen. 

Right-click on a selected task, and you will see a context menu. You can use this menu to start the backup immediately, regardless of the original schedule. This may be useful, especially when you have created a new backup task, to check if everything works fine. You can edit a backup by using the context menu, or deactivate a task. The status of the task is displayed on the main screen. The context menu can also be used to quickly jump to the source folder’s location or the destination folder location, which is opened in Windows File Explorer. 

The backups which are created by Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager, retain the original folder structure of the source directory, in the destination directory. The application uses a background service to run the scheduled backup tasks, so you don’t even have to leave the program running. 

We haven’t seen such a user-friendly backup software. The application is very light on resources, so you can multi-task with other programs, and still not notice any lags. Auto Data Backup Manager is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. 

You can try Algologic Auto Data Backup Manager for free, before buying the full version. 

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