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Algologic Batch File Renamer Coupon Code

Do you have folders which are full of files which you want to rename? What do you do? 

I use a PC and a laptop for working, and the latter is especially difficult to use for renaming files. Why? Well, laptops don’t have the direct keyboard shortcut, which regular keyboards have. You can’t just hit the F2 key to rename a file, you have to use the Function key aka Fn, and press F2 at the same time. Depending on the size of the laptop, this can be difficult, and quite tedious if you are renaming a lot of files. And quite frankly the F2 shortcut on regular keyboards is still annoying to use at times. 

Right-clicking on each file to rename maybe slightly easier, but again becomes tough when you are working with a dozen files or more. Then there is the fact of actually naming the files. You may want to give each file a unique name, and well, there is actually no way around this, except to type the name. 

When you are naming a set of files, with a similar naming scheme for each, then maybe you could type the name in Notepad and use it to rename each file, by adding a number or alphabet at the end. This method, suffers from the same shortcut issue, but actually copying and pasting the name uses up more of your time.  Surely there must be an easy way. There is, and it is called Algologic Batch File Renamer. This program, as the name so obviously suggests, is specifically designed to quickly rename a lot of files, i.e., in batches. 

Here’s how the program works and impresses. The interface of Algologic Batch File Renamer is very user-friendly, thanks to its simple design. There is a toolbar on the top of the program’s window and a large pane below the toolbar.  

To add the files which you want to add for renaming, you have 2 options. You can either use the add files button on the toolbar, or the same option from the file menu.If you want to rename all the files in a folder, you can select the “Add Files from Folder” option.  The files which you imported to Algologic Batch File Renamer, are listed on the pane below the toolbar. 

In case there are some files in the list which you don’t want to rename, mark the checkbox next to the file, and then use the Remove Files From List option from the File menu. You can also check the files which you wish to retain in the list, and remove the unchecked files. The invert checked files option is also handy, as it can be used to remove all the other selected/un-selected files from the list.

There are no limits to the number of files which you can add to Batch File Renamer. Likewise, there is no restriction when it comes to the file type. You can add any file for renaming regardless of the format of the file. 

You can view the original file name, the new file name, the date when the file was created, modified, the file extension (such as TXT, MP3, MKV, etc) and the folder location where the files are in, on the pane. 

And now, for the main feature of Algologic Batch File Renamer, to actually rename the files. Once you have selected a bunch of files, click on the “Rename Preview” option on the toolbar. This brings a pop-up window in to view, with a lot of options. The most basic options are on the top left corner. These allow you to add a prefix or suffix to the filename. 

For example: If you have 100 songs by a singer, and want to add something like M.J. or Magic Jackson at the beginning of each file name, you can use the prefix option. If you want to add the same at the end of every file name, you can use the suffix option. 

Algologic Batch File Renamer Coupon Code

But wait, there are more options. Let’s say you have files which have incorrect or too many spaces in the name, you can use the “Remove all spaces from filename” to delete all the spaces from the name. What if your files have many underscores or periods in the names, you can use the Remove Character from the filename, to make the names look normal. You can even select the character count and the position of the character in the name, to specifically delete only those specific characters which appear a certain number of times or at the numerical location in the name. 

You can change the CASE of the filename, from lower case to upper case or vice-versa with a click of the mouse, or even to proper-case. This option can be applied to the entire filename, or only the first character, or only on the extension of the file, or for both the filename and the EXT. 

Don’t worry about making a mistake with the renaming, as what you see on the list is still only a preview. So, you can correct errors easily. When you have proof-read the new filenames, hit the rename apply button, to complete the process. You can undo the file renaming too, by using the undo rename process. There is a replace text option, which can be used to replace text in a filename with something else. For e.g.: If you have a dozen photos with “France Vacation”, and want to replace that with “Paris Trip”, you can do that. 

See how easily you can rename your files? This application can save you minutes or even hours, which would otherwise have been wasted if you had edited each file name manually. Algologic Batch File Renamer works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. There is a free trial version of the program which you can try before buying the full version. 

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