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Algologic PDF File Email Extractor Coupon Code

Have you ever checked the document format of the bills, receipts, orders, service certificates and other official documents which you recieve in your email inbox? They are all in the PDF format, because this is not an editable format, at least not easily. 

But since they contain valuable information, these PDFs are usually stored away, and only read when you need to check something in the document. Very often, we do need to check the files, especially if we do have to contact the sender. For e.g.: You may want to contact the sender to correct some error in the reciept, or to get some additional information. But, the more likely scenario, is that you may want to add the sender’s contact information to your list of contacts. Usually, this is an email address. 

The problem is, it is not easy to search for an email ID, in a PDF which may have a lot of text. How do you do it then?  We recommend using Algologic PDF File Email Extractor, a software specifically designed to identify and save the email addresses in the documents, in plain-text format. 

Let’s learn more about the program. The GUI of Algologic PDF File Email Extractor has a minimalistic design, which is extremely user friendly. The interface of the application has a toolbar and two panes. That’s all there is to it. 

To import a PDF to the program, click on the first icon which resembles a PDF document. This is the Add Files button, which when clicked opens a File Explorer pop-up Window. You can use this to select the PDF file which you want to extract the email addresses from. 

The best part is that Algologic PDF File Email Extractor supports batch-file processing, so you can import multiple documents to the program at the same time. 

If you have a folder which contains a lot of PDF files in it, you can use the folder icon on the toolbar, to select the specific folder. When you use either of the options, the application lists the imported PDF files on the pane to the left edge of the window. 

This list includes the name of the PDF file, the folder where the document is stored, and a number next to each file, to indicate its position in the queue. 

In case you have added some PDFs which are irrelevant or ones which you don’t want to extract the email addresses from, you can use the “Clear Files List” button, to delete the list. This doesn’t delete the PDFs, so you don’t have to worry about that. You will have to re-add the files to the program. 

When you are ready to begin, click on the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar. This is the extract email address option, which is one of the key features of Algologic PDF File Email Extractor. The search is completed in just a matter of seconds. Once the scanner has finished searching the document’s contents, the number of email addresses in each PDF, and displays the number next to each listed file in the “Email Count” column. 

Now, on to the right pane in the program. This is where Algologic PDF File Email Extractor displays all the emails which were found in the selected PDF files, for you to preview. The total number of email addresses which were discovered is shown just above the pane. You can use the “Clear Emails List” button, to delete the email addresses which were found, and re-scan using the Search option. 

The funnel icon is the Filter option, which you can apply to the email address search results. Clicking this icon opens a pop-up window called the Email Address Filter.There are two filters in the program. The first option lets you keep the emails which contain the keyword which you entered in the box on the top of the email adress filter window. 

If your search results contain a variety of addresses from various domains, you can can filter some of them from the list. For e.g.: You want to retain email addresses from say, you just have to include that in the box. This also works for the pre-fix, i.e., the part of the email address before the domain name. So, in case you want to keep the addresses which have “support” or “customer care” in the name, you can do that. 

Algologic PDF File Email Extractor Coupon Code

The second option, does the opposite. You can use it to remove email addresses which have the keywords you enter. For e.g. You can enter “sales” or “market” to filter these words from the list. 

Duplicate email addresses are automatically filtered by the application. When you are ready to save the extracted email addresses, in one of three available formats. The most basic option, is TXT, which can be opened in Notepad or any text editor on Linux, macOS, Android, iOS device. You can also saved the data in XLS or CSV formats, which can be opened in Microsoft Office Excel. 

So, you can see how easy it is to extract the email addresses from many PDFs at once, with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are no limitations to the number of PDF files which you can add at a time, to extract the email IDs from. You can even add thousands of PDFs and the program can extract the addresses from them. Imagine how many hours it could have taken you, had you done this manually? And the user friendliness is what we consider the best feature in the software. It is just as simple as using a web browser. 

Download the free trial version of Algologic PDF File Email Extractor, and try the program for free, before buying the premium version. 

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