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Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini Coupon Code

PDF files are the among the most commonly used document formats today. Everything from eBooks, receipts, work documents, bank statements, user manuals,  etc are commonly delivered as PDFs. But, have you wondered why? 

Well, if people or companies share the documents in other formats such as DOC or DOCX, there is a good chance that the recipient, to whom then document is sent, cannot view the document. Why? Because they may not have a compatible software, which can open the document. That’s usually because not everyone use Office Suites, and also because the majority of good Office software are not free. 

PDF readers on the other hand, are abundant, and available for free, so almost everyone has one on their computer. And web-browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge which is available by default in Windows 10 can also open the PDF files. Another reason why the PDF format is popular, is because it is not easily editable, which is why most official communication is sent in such a format. 

But, sometimes you may want to edit a PDF document, especially when you created the document, but lost the source Word document. And there is a chance that you may want to extract the text from the document, and save it to another format.  

How do you do that? Your average PDF reader is not capable of this. But, Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini can help you with that. The application is very user friendly, which is a huge plus, as it can be used by anyone regardless of their knowledge with computers. The user interface of Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini reflects this, in its simple design. 

There is a toolbar on the top of the window, and a large pane below it. There are some options on the bottom of the window, which we will explain later in this review.  To get started with the program, you need to add some PDF documents to the queue. Keep in mind that password protected PDFs cannot be used, so use normal ones. 

Click on the first icon on the toolbar, which has a document with a plus sign on it, to add PDF files. This opens a pop-up File Explorer window which you can use for browsing your computer’s hard drive or a portable storage device connected via USB, and select the PDFs from which you want to extract the text from. 

You can add either a single file or multiple files to the queue for conversion. If you have a lot of PDFs stored inside a folder, you can import them all with a single-click of the mouse. To do this, select the folder icon on the toolbar. 

Once you have added the files, the pane on the Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini interface, displays the list of the selected PDFs. This list includes the file name of the PDF, the folder where the document is located, and also displays a number indicating the position of the PDF in the queue. The program will process all of the documents in the list, one after the other. 

In case there are some files in the list, which you don’t need to extract the text content from, at least right away, you can use the recycle bin icon, to remove all the PDFs from the list, and start over. The power button exits the program, so don’t click that while converting the document. 

The next part of the Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini GUI, is the large bar on the bottom of the window. This displays the folder location in which the converted document will be saved in. 

You can select the Output folder, by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner. You can select the same folder where the original file is, to mark it as the output location too. This won’t overwrite the PDF. Why? And no, it is not because the extension of the converted document will be TXT.  The program creates a new folder for each document which it converts, and names the folder exactly the same as the source PDF. The converted Text file also retains the same file name as the original PDF, which is very useful to identify the document. 

When you are ready to start the conversion, click the “Convert to Text” option, to begin the process. You may notice that it takes the program just one or two seconds to finish converting the document, that’s just how fast it is. 

Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini Coupon Code

If you have a very large PDF document, and you only want to extract text from specific pages, you will find the page range selector very useful. For e.g: If you want to extract pages 5 to 10, from a 100 page PDF eBook, you can do that. 

Some PDFs often have watermarks or other content after every page, and extracting text from every alternative page is something which most PDF conversion applications cannot do.  But Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini can. There is a special feature, which you can use to do so. It allows you to select only the pages with odd numbers or even numbers, and only extract the text from those pages. 

The extracted documents are saved as plain-text, in the TXT format, which can be opened in Notepad on Windows, or basically any Android or iOS or macOS or Linux device which has a text editor. 

Algologic PDF Files Text Extractor Mini is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Download the free trial version and test the program before you purchase a license. Speaking of which, the license which the company has a lifetime validity, so it is a buy once, and use it forever kind of deal. 

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