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Algologic Website Email Address Extractor Coupon Code

Are you an online marketer? Do you want to quickly qather email addresses from websites, for a business proposal? What do you usually do to get the information? You manually visit the website, of course. 

Then, you look for the contact us page, or an about us page, which usually has some kind of contact information, which visitors can use to get in touch with the website’s owner or support staff. 

The problem is, some websites don’t list their email addresses on their domain. Instead they may use contact forms, which you have to use to communicate with the website’s admins. But some websites may have hundreds of pages, and it may not be easy to navigate them, to find the email address which you want. 

Don’t let this be a deal breaker. You can work around these issues with the help of a special software. And that is called Algologic Website Email Address Extractor.  

What can the application do? Let us find out. 

Algologic Website Email Address Extractor has a design which is very neat, and user friendly. The entire GUI comprises of just a toolbar, and 3 panes. The toolbar which is on the top of the program’s interface has 6 options. The icon with the arrow on it, is the import icon. This allows you to add a file which is in one of the following 4 formats: CSV, TXT, HTML, XML. 

Clicking on the button opens a File Explorer window, which you can use to select the files which have the website URLS in them. For example, you can type the addresses such as and save that in one of the document types mentioned above. You can save as many URLs in the document as you want to. The program will scan your document for the URLs, and lists all the web-address which were found in the files on the pane which is on the top left corner. 

The pane displays some additional information such as the source of the URL, the website’s URL, and also displays a number next to each listing. The URL source is pretty interesting as it lists the “actual source” of the listed website address, i.e., it will list whether the website was found from a CSV or HTML, XML or Text file. The total number of URLs found is displayed just above the pane. You can use the clear list button which is above each of the three panes, to delete the contents of the corresponding pane. This is useful, if you want to remove a website from the search process. Doing so, however requires you to start over. 

Algologic Website Email Address Extractor Coupon Code

Let’s say you need to only find the email address from a single website or a few more, you can manually enter the website address in Algologic Website Email Address Extractor.  To do this click on the pencil-note icon, and just type the website’s URL in the box. You can also copy and paste the address from a text file, and it works in the same way. 

Now, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar. This will begin the search process, which searches the discovered website’s pages for email addresses. This might take a long time, depending on the number of websites you are searching for, and also upon the number of pages which the websites contain. 

Wait for the process to complete. You get a rough idea about the URLs which are being processed, in the pane on the bottom left corner of the application’s window.  The total number of URLs which were found in the websites, and the number of processed URLs are displayed above the InProcess URL pane. Algologic Website Email Address Extractor displays the email addresses which were found from the URLs, in the pane on the right edge. The email ID’s are listed similar to the websites, in an organized manner. The total number of email addresses found are displayed above the pane. 

You can go through the list, and preview each and every mail address listed in the results. If there are too many email addresses listed, and you only want to see addresses from certain domains, you can use the filter option to narrow down the search results. This option is accessible from the filter icon (with the funnel) on the toolbar. 

The filter lets you enter keywords for email addresses which you want to retain in the list, or hide the ones you don’t want. For example, you can type a word or name which appears in the prefix of the email address before the @ symbol, or the domain name which is after the symbol. The top box on the filter pane, is used to keep the email addresses which have the keyword in the prefix/suffix, while the box below it can be used to hide email addresses which contain the keyword.  

Algologic Website Email Address Extractor can be used to save the extracted email IDs in CSV and TXT formats. So, you can open the document in either Microsoft Office Excel, or in Notepad or any text editor regardless of the operating system. You can select the output folder, where the file with the extracted emails should be saved in to. We found that the application is quite fast, when it comes to scanning the webpages for email addresses. It even managed to find email addresses from pages, where we didn’t think to look in. 

The simplicity with which Algologic Website Email Address Extractor works is quite amazing. It is definitely a huge time saver, which can add to the productivity of your team. The program is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. You can try the free demo version to see how it works, before deciding to go premium. 

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