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Burning videos to a DVD is not just about selecting some files and copying them on to a disc, you know. You need to be able to edit the content of the videos, before you put them on a disc. And when you are creating movies from a bunch of videos, which you have, you may want a lot more customization options. All of this is possible, when you are using Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker. Save now with this Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker Coupon Code.  

Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker Coupon Code

Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker has an easy to use interface, which anybody can get familiar with in just a matter of seconds. The GUI has a menu bar, a tab bar, and a few panes. 

The File menu allows you to create a new project, open a previous project, and save your current work. You can also use the file menu, to open the folder where the AVI or MPEG files which were captured are saved. This menu can also be used to access the recent files which you used in the program. 

The Edit menu is where you can add videos which you want to add to your DVD project. You can either add video files which you have on your computer’s hard drive, or choose the Capture DV option to record a video directly from your camera, and use that to burn the video on to a disc. You can also add some background music to your videos, or delete videos from the project using the same menu. 

You can add videos to the library using the Import option in the Library. This will allow you to use the videos for your actual disc project. You can use the capture option to record videos directly from your DV camcorder. 

You can also add the videos using the “Add Clips” tab. Let’s take a look at the tab, there are three panes on this screen. The pane on the left side is the library, where you can import videos which you want to add to your projects. These are the video formats which you can import to Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker: AVI, MOV, VOB, WMV, ASF, MPG, 3GP, MP4, RM, and RMVB. 

The pane on the bottom is the project timeline, so here is where the videos which you import are displayed. You can see the name of the video, the duration of the video in the pane, and also drag and drop the videos to re-arrange the order which they will be in the movie you are creating. 

When you click on a video on the timeline, a preview of the same is displayed on the right pane. You can use this built-in video player, to play the videos. You can edit the videos using the Trim option. This opens up the video editor in Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker, which lets you adjust the start point and end point in the video. 

You can use the timeline pane’s Transition option, to add a cool effect for your videos. These settings also allow you to enable a fade in and fade effect between videos, adjust the percentage of the original volume, and the duration of the transition effect. 

There is a persistent bar on the bottom of the Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker window, which displays the output format of the disc you are creating. Also, there is a ruler bar which shows you the amount of data, i.e., the total disc size of the project. So, you can use this to ensure your movie is within the storage capacity of your disc. 

The DVD Menu in Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker, allows you to add/delete the various menu components which you can add to your disc. You can also edit the menu’s background image, background music, title and theme from this menu.  

Let’s say you want to create a menu for your disc quickly, you will be happy to learn that there are built-in templates in Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker which you can use.  There are over 50 DVD menu templates  to choose from. And you can see a live preview of the DVD menu on the right pane. 

Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker Coupon Code

You can preview the entire project from the Action menu. The Make DVD option here can finalize the DVD video disc which you are creating. 

The Burn Disc menu allows you to configure the settings of the movie project. This includes options to select the DVD/CD Recorder, i.e., the DVD Writer drive which you want to use for burning the disc. You can choose the DVD Output format from between DVD and SVCD. 

You can use any type of disc like a DVD +R/RW, DVD -R/RW, CD-R/RW. If you don’t want to burn the video to a disc right away, you are in luck because you can save a virtual copy of the disc, as an ISO image and store it on your computer’s hard drive. The TV System options can be used to select between PAL and NTSC regional disc settings. 

You can use the Options window in Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker, to select the Record Speed of the disc. There are two burning engines which you can pick, the Internal Burning Engine of Windows, or the Anvsoft Burning Engine. The TV System panel allows you to crop the movie, and to select the aspect ratio correction between 4:3 or 16:9. 

The Misc option allows you to select the folder in which the movies which you capture using the DV Camcorder option, or the DVD videos are saved in. The DVD Menu navigation controls allow you to set the “after playback” option, which lets the disc go back to the menu, or play the next album, etc. 

Click the Burn Now option to create the DVD disc which you configured using Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker. That’s basically it, you have created a movie DVD all by yourself, wasn’t that easy? 

You can try Anvsoft Movie DVD Maker for free for 30 days, to see for yourself. 

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