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If you take a lot of photos and videos using your mobile phone or DSLR, you will know that viewing the content on a small screen is not always great. Even a large monitor may not be the best idea, especially when you may have a big screen TV. But how do you make your photos compatible with your TV and DVd Player? You need a good software for that, such as the one we use. Save now with this Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker Pro Coupon Code. 

Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker Pro Coupon Code

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro is an application which can be used to create Photo Slideshow DVDs for your TV, or for your website, or even for using on video streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. 

The interface of Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker Pro is user friendly and consists of a menubar, simple. The start screen is the Organize Photos, and it consists of a menubar and a tab bar at the top of the window, a sidebar and a large pane in the middle, a toolbar, and a preview pane on the bottom. 

The File menu allows you to open a new project, open an existing one, save the current project you are working on, or to access the temporary folder or the recent files which you used in the program. The Organize menu allows you to add photos, blank images, video clips to your project, or to remove selected media content. Supported input formats include JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, and PNG image types, and AVI, MOV, VOB, WMW, ASF, MPG, 3GP, MP$, RM, RMVB, and FLV video formats. 

You can also use this menu to add some background music to your slideshow to make it more entertaining. Audio formats which you can use in Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker Pro are MP3, WMA and WAV. 

The Add text or artclip opens a new window, with many options. This allows you customize the slideshow with some text which you can type or cliparts which are available in the program. You can also add your own photos, as long as they are in the JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PNG, WMF and EMF formats. 

This window, called Photo Configuration has some other options, such as Transition animation effects which you can set, so when a new photo comes into view, it will have the animation you selected. You can also select the transition duration and photo duration in number of seconds (for e.g. you can set the duration to 2 seconds, and the next picture will appear after the set time.). You can preview the transition effects before selecting them. You can also add pan and zoom effects to your slideshow, so and set the properties for each, and even rotate the image to a specified angle, to give it a more custom effect. 

The subtitle option can be useful if you want to tell the viewer what the slideshow is about, or to caption images like where the photo was taken, or some extra information. The Process tab allows you to adjust the levels of the brightness, contrast, gamma, and RGB color balance.  

The Organize Menu can be used to auto adjust the exposure, rotate the image by 90 degrees, create or delete albums, change the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:0 or to change the photo view to fit or fill the display. Let’s look at the Organize Photos tab. This has two panes resembling Windows File Explorer with a folder navigation tree, and a pane which displays the contents of a selected directory. You can use the toolbar to add photos, videos, background music, etc, to your slideshow project, just like the Organize menu. There is a photo thumbnail pane right below the toolbar. Clicking on a picture here, displays a larger preview of the photo on the right edge of the window. 

There are two more tabs above the toolbar. The Transition & Music tab has options for adding or deleting music tracks, or to re-arrange their order, trim the music, play the audio. You can also rip the audio from CDs, or record your own voice for the slideshow from the options in the tab. The transition options are again, similar to those on the Organize menu’s. 

The album theme tab, lets you add opening credits, closing credits, with a custom message, font size, choose a transition effect, and the color of the text and the background. 

The “Menus” option on the menubar, can be used to add some background music, or a background picture, edit the menu layout and the DVD menu navigations. These options are similar to the Choose Menu tab. You can choose from different templates which are available in the program, and even preview how your menu will look like, before burning the disc. 

The Create menu and the Burn Disc tab are exactly the same and can be used for creating slideshow discs. You can use the options to select your DVD/CD Writer drive, and for creating different types of video disc formats including DVD Video, VCD 2.0 Still Images Video, SVCD Video, Blu-Ray and AVCHD discs. You can select between the PAL/NTSC video systems, the video aspect ratio, recording speed, and disc types such as DVR + or – R/RW, CD -R/RW, or even save the slideshow an ISO disc image. 

Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker Pro Coupon Code

You can also use Anvsoft Photo DVD Maker Pro for converting your slideshows into different video formats such as FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, AVI, DivX AVI, HD MP4, AVC H.264, YouTube videos, etc. There are a lot of video profiles which you can select, and the program will configure the output video format to the selection accordingly. So, even if you don’t know which format to use, simply select the profile like “Android MPEG-4 or iPhone or iPad movie or YouTube movie”, and the application will choose the format which will work on the chosen output device or service. 

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