Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum Coupon Code

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If someone were to tell me, I am going to create slideshows and movies from my photo collections, I’d probably ask them, are you going to use Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum? Because that is how much the program has impressed us. Save now with this Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum Coupon Code.

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum Coupon Code 

It must be very difficult to make a software user-friendly, while packing a ton of features in it. And that is exactly what Anvsoft has done with Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum. The application has a lot of premium themes too. 

Let’s take you through the tour of the features in Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum. The interface of the application is simple, yet elegant and in turn offers an efficient way to use the program. The main screen has a menubar, a tab bar, and a few panes. 

You can use the File menu for creating a new slideshow project, or to open a saved one, or for saving the changes you have done to the loaded project. You can also open the Output Folder, or access the recent files which you used in Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum using this menu. 

The View menu is exactly the same as the Tab bar, which you can use to jump to the Photo/Video, Theme or Publish tabs. 

You can use the Photo/Video tab or the Photo menu to add media content which you want to add to your slideshow. Supported image formats include BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and TIFF. You can also use the File Explorer pane, which has a folder navigation panel on the left and a large pane on the right, which displays the contents of the selected folder’s contents.  As you may have guessed from the tab’s name, you are not restricted to just using still images, you can also add videos to be used in your project, and the application supports input videos in the FLV format. 

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum Coupon Code

You can also add blank images between two photos/videos, rotate the image 90 degrees, or flip them using the toolbar. The photos and videos which you add, are displayed in the preview panel on the bottom of the screen. When you click on a picture on this panel, you can see a larger preview on the right edge of the screen. 

Once you have added the photos, you can rearrange the order in which they will appear, in the slideshow. Or you could set the randomize option on, to display the slides in random order. 

The Edit option brings up the image editor which is available in Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum. You can perform basic editing such as cropping the image to 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, and also choose a preset color/effect filter from the crop and filter tab. The info tab can be used for changing the photo’s title, add a URL link to the picture, choose a transition effect for each image, and the duration for which the photo should be displayed and how long the transition should be played too. 

This menu also has options to add a text several caption styles to choose from for your slides, customize the font style, size, etc. Similarly you can also add artclips and art effects, a lot which are built-in to the program, but you can also use your own cliparts if you want to. 

The Transition Effects tab has a couple of dozen animation effects to choose from. You can set the duration for each transition and each slide’s duration too. The Dynamic Text pane has options for adding a text on the photos, adjust the blur, strength, etc. 

Moving to the theme tab, this is where Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum shines. There are many theme types to choose from, ranging from basic, professional, web album, 3D, Video, Premium, and HTML5. These themes in the Platinum version of the application are video themes, which are really cool. You can add some background music to your theme, by picking some files from your computer, or by ripping an audio CD too. Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, WAV. You can see a preview of the theme which you selected, on the right of the application’s window, to get an idea of what your slideshow will actually look like. 

The themes have a template editor, which you can use to edit a pre-built theme. You can adjust the parameters of the non-3D themes. 

The Publish tab allows you to finalize the slideshow which you have created, as in you can save the project. And for this, you have many options. You can choose to create a CD or DVD disc, which you can play on your TV or use for a presentation at work.  There is also an option to save the slideshow video as a Flash file in the SWF format, which is useful for several reasons. You can upload it to your website, or share them with your friends online, etc,. You can also embed the video in the form of a JavaScript SWFObject or by using an Object Embed Tag. 

There is also an HTML5 slideshow option, which as you may know is the modern web-standard used by YouTube, and other online services. This is available from the theme template settings. The XML-driven flash templates are user friendly and offer complete customization options over the slideshow, so you can tweak the settings as per your needs. 

The application allows you to directly upload the content to Go2Album, which is Anvsoft’s webservice. However that isn’t the only option in the program, You can also share the slideshows through email, or upload them to Blogger, Friendster, MySpace, etc 

We really liked how easy it is to create a slideshow movie or disc, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. Give the free trial version a shot before buying the paid version, and you are sure to be impressed with the plethora of features which the program boasts. 

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