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Creating a photostory shouldn’t require a lot of skill. You must be able to make a slideshow with a few clicks of the mouse, but most people don’t know how to. That’s because they don’t know which software to use. Save now with this Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro Coupon Code. 

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro Coupon Code

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro, is specifically designed to make photostories. All you need are some photos and some music to go along with and you can create a slideshow in seconds. Is that difficult to believe? Join us as we take you through the programs features in this review. 

The interface of Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro is rather simple. There is a menubar, a tab bar, a sidebar, a large pane, a toolbar, and a preview pane. 


The Menubar comprises of 7 tabs. You can start a new project or save a current one using the File Menu, and also access the Recent Files which you used from the same menu. The Output Folder where the created slideshows are saved can be accessed from the same menu. 

The View menu can be used for switching to the Photo page, theme page or the publish page. The Photo menu can be used for adding photos to the project. You can do so by using individual photos, or importing an entire folder, select all images added to the project, or to remove selected ones from the project. You can also add a blank image to serve as a space filler from the Photo menu. You can also access the built-in image editor, or to rotate the photo by 90° clockwise or anti-clockwise from the same menu. 

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro’s Music menu can be used to add music from files stored on your PC, or from an audio CD. The Create menu lets you create a Flash Slideshow, or to create a Slideshow CD/DVD. The Preference menu can be used for altering the program’s settings. 


The Photo tab is used for adding photos to your project. The interface of this tab is similar to that of Windows File Explorer, with a navigation pane on the left which has the directory tree, and a pane on the right which displays the contents of the selected folder. This pane displays thumbnails of the pictures in each folder. You can add photos of the following image formats: BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, for your slideshow, in Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro. 

You can switch the view to display small icon, large icon or details, and also change the thumbnail size from 80×60 to 120×90 or 160×120 pixels. The toolbar below the panes have the exact same functions as the Photo tab. The thumbnail pane lists each photo’s thumbnail, and a dice icon next to each image. 

By default, Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro uses the dice, which chooses a random effect. Clicking on the dice icon, lets you choose from various transition effects for your slideshow. You can also configure how long each photo should be displayed in terms of seconds, and similarly for the transition duration. 

You can also access the Transition Effect window by clicking on the name on the top of the pane. The Properties tab lets you edit the image’s title, description (including support for HTML tags), and also add a URL to the photo. The Dynamic Text option can be used for adding some cool text to your photostory. You can customize the font style, size, color, angle, blur, etc in this tab. 


Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro has a lot of preset themes available in the program. You can use any of these, as the photostory’s background picture. This saves you from searching online for the perfect background, but if you do want to use your own set of pictures, you can absolutely do that using the custom tab. There is a template editor which can be used for editing the preset themes too. 

Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro Coupon Code

When you select a theme, you will be able to see a live preview of the same, which includes the photos that you added for your project, on the theme preview pane on the right edge of the Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro interface. 

There are Basic, Professional, Web Album, 3D, Video, Premium and HTML5 themes in the application, so you can share them on modern websites or for your own website. There is a toolbar on the bottom left corner of the Theme tab, which can be used for adding some background music to your Slide Show. You can add multiple tracks, trim the music using the built-in tool, or rip the music from a CD to. Audio formats which are supported by the program include MP3, WMA, WAV music and CD sound track, but you can also add an FLV video if you want to. 

When you are ready to create the slideshow, click on the build button to do the same. 


This is basically the final output settings of the program. You can either create a Flash File which you can share online, or upload to upload to your website, or create a CD/DVD for a presentation for your education/office purpose or a Gift disc. 

You can create a Object Embed Tag or a JavaScript SWFObject using Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro. You can save the output file in any folder on your computer, along with options for naming the file in either the  Flash movie (.swf) format or as a Dynamic Flash with the HTML and XML options. 

So, you can see how easy it is to create a slideshow, and more importantly how easy it is to customize each and every aspect of the video, all in just few clicks of the mouse. Try the free trial version of the application, to get to know how Anvsoft Photo Slideshow Maker Pro works, before opting to go for the premium version. 

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