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Managing our day to day life, is no easy task, even with the advancement of technology. We have a lot of things to remember, and sometimes we forget something important, through no fault of our own. It just is impossible to remember everything while we are busy, right? This is espically when our energy is focused on work.

Can you imagine how hard it can be if you forget a close friend’s birthday? Or an important class? or a presentation? Nobody likes to be in such a situation. So, what do you do? Set a reminder on your phone’s calendar and wait for a notification or the LED light to blink? You can easily miss those.

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe Coupon Code

I for one, do not like to pick my phone up from my desk, every now and then to check my messages and other notifications. I tend to use some software or browser plugins, which mirror them for me, on my desktop computer, which I work on during the day. This way I don’t miss out on important things. But I have to say, not having a dedicated software on my computer to manage my tasks, is a real headache.

Many people will be in the same boat I am in, after all, Windows computers are what most offices use, and the same can be said about home users. Is there a good software for desktops which can manage tasks and reminders? Of course there is, meet Individual Software’s, AnyTime Organizer Deluxe. And don’t go thinking it is merely a task management program, be prepared to say hello to your own personal digital assistant.

Let’s begin with the UI. AnyTime Organizer Deluxe has a simple interface, but a lot of customization options. But don’t worry, it is a very user friendly software. AnyTime Organizer Deluxe’s interface consists of a menu bar on the top of the interface, a toolbar below it, a sidebar on the left, a large pane on the right, which resembles a diary. There is a status bar below the main window.

The File menu can be used for opening, saving ATW (AnyTime File) which is sort of your database. You can also use it to back up or archive your database, manage your attachments, merege two or more ATW files, export the database or import it from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Organizer, Sidekick, Day-Timer Organize, etc and also print your organizer data from the menu.

The Edit menu lets you cut, copy, paste and undo content. You can even copy paste calendar entries (Date, description, start time, etc) using this menu. The View menu and the sidebar on the left, can be used for switching between the following pages.

Day Planner – This page lists tasks (appointments and events) by the hour.
Note Book – The Note Book lets you take notes,keep a daily journal,write faxes, letters etc.
To Do View – Has a list of tasks which you have to do. Once done with a task, you can mark it by cliking in the checkbox to indicate it is completed.
Expense View – This page lets you add entries for each expense you make, including the date, deescription, amount, and type of expense.
Password Organizer – This is a built-in password manager, which lets you save usernames and passwords of each website. The database is locked by a master password, so you can rest assure that it is not displayed to all users.
Schedule Ticker – This lets you enable a scrolling marquee text, like you see in news channels, and continously serves as a reminder. To add a ticker, simply select an event or to do and hit the Schedule Ticker option from the View menu.

You can also toggle the Toolbar, Status Bar and Navigation Bar from the View menu. The fourth option in the menu bar, changes to reflect the options of the selected page (in the View menu).

The Journal:

This is where you add, edit and delete entries made in the program. For example, if you want to, you can add an appointment or event by double clicking on the hour, or simply by right-clicking anywhere on the notebook interface, and selecting add Appt/Event, or To do. This will let you select the time and date of the event, add a description for it, set the end time, duration, add an alarm for it, choose an alarm sound (even your own MP3 files), or send an alarm to your email and or to your phone , set a recurring reminder and more. You can also add notes to it using the Notes tab, and use the built in spellcheck, and even insert the current date and time with the click of a mouse.

The groups tab lets you categorize events into groups like Anniversary, Birthday, etc, and you can add your own group and customize the color of each group.

Want to place a sticky note on your desktop? You can do that with AnyTime Organizer Deluxe. You can take a print out of the schedule, or email it in PDF format to carry around.

The AnySync option lets you sync your Google calendar to AnyTime Organizer Deluxe, and imports the events in it. Then you can use the Week Glance, Month Glance and Year Glance options to view the calendar in the software. The Calendar  has many downloadable add-ins such as sporting calendars (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, etc).

The program comes with a clock called AnyTime Clocks, which lets you add any number of clocks and timers you want, and you can even add them on your desktop. It has a world clock option too, so can keep track of time in multiple time zones at once. The timers include a countdown timer for events which are upcoming, and an elapsed timer which can be used to see how long events ran for.

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