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Are you a passionate music lover? You have got plenty of music files and you need to organize, edit and burn them? You are looking for an application which will help you to perform all these difficult tasks? If it is so, Ashampoo Music Studio 6 is just that program you need. The program will give you everything required for working with audio files. With the help of the program you can create audio files from audio CDs, burn music to optical disks, organize your music collection, edit your music files, record audio files, and so on. Thanks to the completely redesigned, intuitive and easy to use interface, you can perform any operations with audio files quickly and effortlessly.

The Main Features of the Program- Ashampoo Music Studio 6 includes practically all necessary tools needed for music lovers and it allows you to perform a lot of basic and advanced actions with your audio files. The program offers the following features- Rip (it allows you to create audio files from audio CDs), Burn (with the help of it you can create music disks), Organize (for keeping in order your music collection), Modify (for editing your music files), Record (for recording your audio files), Edit Cover (for creating beautiful covers for audio CDs), Mix Tape (for creating a mixtape audio file), Video-2-Music (for cutting music from videos), Playlist Generator (for creating playlists) and Audio Splitter (for splitting one audio file into several parts).

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Rip- if you have got a lot of audio CDs, you can take full advantage of this tool. It allows you to extract music tracks from them and save as audio files. You have the possibility to edit each track before extracting, for example, Music Tags (by specifying track numbers, titles and artists), Genre (you can easily select the desired genre from the drop-down menu) and Cover (by loading them from the computer or searching for cover images on the Internet). In addition, the program also allows you to create playlists (for example, M3U, PLS, WPL and XSPF formats), select output format (for example, MP3, AAC, and so on) and audio quality.

Burn- with the help of Ashampoo Music Studio 6 you can create amazing audio disks. The program allows you to create audio CDs, MP3, WMA and mixed format disks.

Organize- do you have a lot of audio files and they are scattered everywhere out of order on your computer? Thanks to this tool, you can quickly and effectively organize them. The program allows you to create the desired output folder for your music files, specify the track names, artists, titles, and so on.

Modify- this section of the program contains some tools for editing your audio files, i.e. Edit File Tags- with the help of this tool you can easily and effectively edit and modify your audio files, i.e. you can add to them some useful info. Ashampoo Music Studio 6 allows you to specify the track number, title, album, artist, genre and year of release. In addition, you can also change the track cover by loading the desired image from the local computer (the program supports the following graphic formats- JPEG, PNG  and BMP) or searching a cover image on the Internet; Convert Audio Files- do you want to change the audio format of your files? It is a very easy task because Ashampoo Music Studio 6 contains a special tool which allows you to convert your audio files from one format to another.

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There are several popular formats at your disposal, for example, MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC and OPUS. In addition, you can also select the desired audio quality (i.e. medium, good, CD and high quality), sample rate, bitrate and sound system (mono or stereo); Analyze Files- this tool allows you to analyze your audio files and check them for some missing elements, for example, the program will analyze file tags, damaged covers, file extensions. After analyzing files, it will give you a detailed report about found errors and you will be able to correct them; Normalize- this tool allows you to normalize and improve your audio files, for example, you can change output format, audio quality, sample rate, bitrate and sound system; Edit Files- Ashampoo Music Studio 6 provides you with some basic tools for editing audio files. With the help of the program, you have the possibility to insert silence, add fade effects, adjust different frequency levels by using the equalizer, cut specific places in the audio file, normalize volume, and some others.

Record- this tool allows you to record audio by using any recording device. All you need to do is to select one of three recording devices offered by the program (i.e. MMSystem, Direct Show or Wasapi) and after recording specify output format and audio quality.

Edit Cover- with the help of this tool you have the possibility to create amazing covers for your music projects and then print them. The program allows you to create covers for slim and jewel cases by selecting pre-defined paper formats offered by the program or design your own ones with the help of the inbuilt paper format editor. Ashampoo Music Studio 6 offers an advanced editor for thorough editing your covers; you can add background images, text, tables, themes, and so on. After editing, you can immediately print your covers.

Mix Tape- this tool allows you to combine or mix several audio files into one by specifying some transmixer settings, for example, crossfade duration, fade in or out effects. In addition, you can also select the desired output format and audio quality.

Video-2-Music- this very useful tool allows you to extract the audio from video files, for example, movies and save them as audio files by specifying the desired output format and audio quality.

Playlist Generator- with this tool you can create playlists from your songs in the following playlist formats- M3U8, M3U, PLS, WPL and XSPF.

Audio Splitter- this tool allows you to split audio files into several smaller fragments. All you need to do is to specify the number of files and output format and audio quality.

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