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There is no doubt that the most popular and widely used office suite for working with electronic text documents is Microsoft Office which is considered as a high standard among office workers and home users who work with electronic documents. But if you want a user-friendly and easy to use office suite which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office (and not only with it but with other popular office suites both free and paid) and includes everything you need for working with texts, speadsheets and presentations, Ashampoo Office 2016 is a great alternative.

The program includes three different applications, i.e. word processor Text Maker (for creating text documents), spreadsheet application Plan Maker (for creating spreadsheets, i.e. documents in tabular form) and presentation application Presentations (for creating amazing and stunning presentations). Thanks to a wide range of different advanced tools, you can open, edit and create high-quality text documents.

The Main Features of the Program- Ashampoo Office 2016 is a very convenient and (this is very important) easy to use office suite which contains three separate applications that allows you to effectively create, edit, open, format texts, spreadsheets and presentations. It is really an indispensable application for home users. There are three following applications at your disposal- Text Maker, Plan Maker and Presentations. Each application contains a lot of useful tools and features which help you to create outstanding and quality documents.

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Text Maker- this application is compatible with all modern popular office suites and applications (such as Microsoft Office, open Office, and so on), so you will be able to open, edit and save text documents in any of these formats. With the help of this application you can effectively and effortlessly create and edit text documents because Ashampoo Office 2016 provides you with a lot of useful and advanced tools.

The program allows you to perform a lot of operations with your text documents; all main tools and features are available in drop-down menus as in Microsoft Office 2003. For example, Insert menu allows you to add date and time, filed (by specifying the desired field type and date format), calculation (i.e. various mathematical characters and functions), caption (for example, figure, picture or table), symbols (for example, Greek or Cyrillic letters, diacritical marks, arrows, and so on), bookmarks, cross references, header, footer, footnote, and so on.

Object menu allows you to add various objects to the text, for example, text frame, pictures, charts, OLE objects, horizontal lines, drawings, and so on. Format menu contains different advanced tools for formatting texts; there are a lot of advanced functions at your disposal, for example, Character (it allows you to select the desired typeface, letter size, style, color, and so on; define spacing between lines, etc.)

Paragraph (this tool allows you to choose appropriate paragraph and line spacing, pagination and borders, tabs and drop caps, etc.), Link (for adding hyperlinks to the text by specifying an URL address or file), Section (this tool is of use if you want to add columns or line numbers to your text), Chapter (for specifying the desired page format, for example, orientation, margins, paper size, and so on). Ashampoo Text Maker also offers a very convenient spell checker and thesaurus which allows you to correct misspelled words. The program currently supports a lot of different languages, for example, English, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Italian, and so on. Edited documents can be saved in a proprietary Ashampoo format or in other formats, i.e. Microsoft Word 2007-2013, PDF, and so on.

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Plan Maker- this application contains all necessary tools and it provides you with a lot of advanced function for creating electronic spreadsheets. Thanks to plenty of tools and very intuitive interface, you can easily perform any operations related to calculation, and so on. Ashampoo Plan maker allows you to format text (by adding to it cells, characters, borders, and so on); insert functions (for example, mathematics, statistics, logic, and so on), symbols, etc.; add columns, rows or worksheets and different objects (for example, charts, text or picture frames, etc.). Ashampoo Plan Maker is fully compatible with Microsoft excel, so you can easily open, edit and save them.

Presentations- with the help of this application you can create amazing presentations. Fortunately, Ashampoo Office 2016 includes everything you need to do that. You can create as many slides as you want and effectively edit and format them. Features offered by this application are numerous. For example, you can select the desired font and style, use colourful pictures, add music, apply different effects, themes and transition effects, and a lot of others.

In addition, Ashampoo office 2016 offers a very interesting and useful feature; it allows you to copy the program to the USB flash drive and use it on any computer for viewing and editing texts, spreadsheets and presentations.

Ashampoo Office 2016 is a good alternative to Microsoft Office. It is a great solution for those users who want to have a low-priced, but at the same time effective application for reliable and thorough editing any text, spreadsheet and presentation documents.

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