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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 is a very useful application for both photo amateurs and professionals; it includes a lot of basic and advanced photo editing tools which are of use for everybody who loves working with photos and making them more beautiful and amazing with just several clicks of the mouse. Thanks to conveniently organized user interface, you can perform any operations with photos without searching for hidden menus or applying difficult settings and options. All features and tools are present in one window and you do not need to look for them.

With the help of the program you can edit your photos both automatically and manually. Automatic photo editing allows you to optimize photos quickly without using and specifying effects and corrections while manual one offers plenty of useful tools and features which allow you to edit photos more thoroughly and comprehensively.

Automatic optimization tool allows you to optimize and normalize gamma, level and contrast, sharpen photos or reduce noise quickly with just one click of the mouse. This is very useful because you have the possibility to optimize a lot of photos simultaneously in the batch mode.

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If you want to edit your photos manually and get more comprehensive results, you can take full advantage of those different features with which Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 provides you. All editing tools are conveniently sorted out into several categories; they are as follows:

Basics- this category contains tools for performing some basic operations with your photos, i.e. Crop (with the help of this tool you can crop images by adjusting the desired size. The program allows you to crop images both automatically and manually by using pre-defined parameters, for example, 1 : 1, 16 : 9, and so on); Resize (i.e. you can change the actual image size by specifying new width and height in pixels); Watermark (i.e. you have the possibility to protect your images against unauthorized use and copying by applying watermarks. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 allows you to enter the watermark text, specify the desired orientation or place, font style, color or transparency. In addition, you can also watermark your photos with another image) and Print (if you want to print your images, you can take full advantage of printing features offered by the program. It allows you to define the desired page margins, image size and options).

Color Correction- Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 provides you with some tools which allow you to correct image colors, i.e. you can adjust brightness and contrast, lightness, saturation or hue and gamma.

Rotate / Mirror- with the help of these basic tools, you can rotate images left or right by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. In addition, you can also straighten horizon and mirror images vertically or horizontally.

Face- tools collected in this category, allow you to correct some blemishes and spots on the photos. For example, you have the possibility to remove red eyes effect or spots and whiten teeth. In addition, in this category you will find a very useful tool which allows you to clone or copy one area on the photo and paste or move it to another area.

Effects- do you want to beautify your photos with some effects? No problem! There are six amazing effects at your disposal thanks to Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6, i.e. image age, image overlay, frame emboss, shade and blue shift. For example, the image age effect will give an old look to your image and the frame effect will place it into the beautiful frame, and so on.

Color Effects- Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 also provides you with some color effects, for example, sepia, greyscale, invert, and so on.

Artistic Effects- in this category you will find amazing artistic effects which will make from your photos real artistic masterpieces. You can take full advantage of the following effects- oil paint, sketch, charcoal, and so on.

Sharpen / Blur- with these tools you can sharpen photos on the one hand and blur them on the other hand.

Noise- this tool allows you to remove noise from the photos or, on the contrary, add it to them.

Distort- there are several distortion effects at your disposal, for example, shear, wave, and so on.

Export- do you want to share photos edited with the help of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 with your friends? Nothing is easier! The program allows you to share your photos via Facebook and Picasa. In addition, you can also send your photos via mail directly from the program and upload them to the Ashampoo Webspace.

Wallpaper- every edited photo can be set as a wallpaper by specifying its appearance, for example, center or tile, and so on.

In conclusion, it should be said that Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 offers only basic tools and possibilities for editing photos. But I think that it is an indispensable application for photo lovers who want to edit and apply some effects quickly without using expensive programs. I highly recommend it.