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There is no need to say that it is a very easy task to take screenshots by using the in-built Windows tool, but if you want more, you can take full advantage of one of the best and universal program called Ashampoo Snap 9. This very advanced program allow you not only to take screenshots but also effectively edit them after capturing and upload to the cloud or social media websites or export to Adobe Photoshop and any other installed application. Thanks to the program you will capture everything from a single desktop screen to the text using OCR technology. In addition, Ashampoo Snap 9 also allows you to capture videos and efficiently edit them. In short, Ashampoo Snap 9 is really one of the most useful and advanced programs on the software market nowadays with the help of which you will create amazing screenshots and share them among your friends.

The Main Features of the Program

Capture Screenshots- Ashampoo Snap 9 offers various advanced capturing tools for taking screenshots. There are the following capturing tools at your disposal, i.e. Capture Desktop (this tool allows you to capture the entire desktop); Capture Window (it allows you to capture a separate program window), Capture Menu (it helps you to capture a program menu); Capture Scrolling (with the help of this tool you can easily capture an entire webpage, a scrollable browser area or a text area); Capture Region (this tool allows you to capture selected rectangular, free-form or fixed-size area; 9n addition, you can also manually specify the desired area by defining and adjusting the position and size); Capture Timed (for capturing screenshots at a fixed time specified by you, for example, every five seconds, and so on); Capture Text (thanks to using so called OCR technology, Ashampoo Snap 9 allows you to recognize text of different languages on the screenshot, capture it and edit by using any text processing applications).

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Screenshot Editing- after taking a screenshot, you can effectively edit it by applying, adjusting and specifying some options with the help of different advanced tools offered by the program. All tools are divided into three categories- Mouse tools, Image tools and Actions tools.

Mouse Tools category provides you with several advanced tools which allow you to annotate or highlight your screenshots. There are the following tools at your disposal- Crop/Pixelate/Blur (with the help of this tool you can select any area of your screenshot and after that apply different actions, for example, copy, cut or crop the selected area, paste any content into the screenshot, buttonize, pixelate, blur, sharpen or zoom the selection and change the size of the selection); Eraser (this tool allows you to erase or overwrite individual pixels); Blur Pen (this tool allows you to blur any object or area on the screenshot and make it unreadable); Marker Pen (this tool allows you to mark the screenshot with different colors, for example, yellow, green, and so on); Highlight Area (with this tool you can highlight any area on the screenshot and fill it with any offered color, for example, green, and so on; in addition, you can also adjust the desired transparency); Flood Fill (this tool allows you to fill the screenshot with transparency, solid color or gradient); Add Shape (the program allows you to add different shapes, for example, rectangle, ellipse, bent line, straight line and polyline); Pencil (the pencil tool allows you to draw into the screenshot and specify the desired shadow, opacity, line color and style); Add Arrow (this tool allows you to add arrows to the screenshot, for example, bent or straight arrows); Add Text, Hint and Note (you can add text, hints and notes to your screenshots by specifying the desired text color, font, letter size, alignment, and so on); Stamps (the program offers hundreds of different stamps for adding to the screenshots, for example, arrows, boxes, flags, and so on); Numbered and Zoomed Buttons (the former of these tools will add numbered buttons while the second one create a zoomed view of the selected area) and Spotlight (this tool will add a spotlight effect around the selected area on the screenshot).

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Image Tools- Ashampoo Snap 9 includes some tools for editing captured images and these tools allow you to perform some basic operations with your screenshots. With the help of the program you can rotate the image by 90 degrees left or right, flip the image horizontally or vertically, apply drop shadow, border, fade, watermark, mouse pointer, date, time and effects, change background color, flatten layers and resize capture and canvas.

Actions Tools- after taking a screenshot and editing it, you can take full advantage of the action tools provided by the program. They allow you to apply some post-capture and post-editing options. The tools which are collected in this category, allow you to send screenshots by the default installed email client or webmail (for example, Gmail, Yahoo, and so on), upload screenshots to the cloud services (for example, DropBox, Google Drive, and so on), to the special Ashampoo Webspace or to the social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter; export screenshots to Adobe Photoshop for more thorough editing, copy screenshots to the clipboard, print screenshots and send them to other installed applications.

Capture Video- Ashampoo Snap 9 also allows you to capture video from your monitor screen. You have the possibility to select the desired video capture mode, for example, a single window, rectangular or fixed region, and so on, resize width and height and some others.

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