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Ashampoo Winoptimizer is an advanced all-in-one application for reliable and comprehensive managing and customizing the Windows operating system. The program contains a wide range of different tools and modules which allow you to perform various actions, for example, you can optimize registry, defrag hard drives, configure Windows appearance, permanently wipe out files, and a lot of others.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer is an application for those users who want to keep the operating system stable and free from errors. Thanks to plenty of modules, you have the possibility to manage and control everything related to the Windows operating system, your files and applications.

The Main Features of the Program

Ashampoo Winoptimizer provides you with more than 30 advanced and powerful modules which are conveniently divided into six main categories- Maintain system, Analyze system, Improve performance, File tools, Customize Windows and General.

Maintain System- this category includes six powerful modules for optimizing and cleaning the operating system, i.e. One Click Optimizer (this is a very useful module for novice and unexperienced users because it allows them to clean and optimize the system quickly and reliably without configuring or changing any options. They have the possibility to find and delete Internet temporary files, cookies and history entries, temporary and unnecessary files on the hard drive and redundant registry entries); Drive Cleaner (the powerful module which helps you to remove redundant and unnecessary files from the system, for example, temporary files, obsolete log files, error reports, file fragments, and so on); Registry Optimizer (with the help of this module, you can optimize the Windows registry by deleting, for example, invalid keys, missing application paths, obsolete entries, history lists, and so on); Internet Cleaner (the program supports all main browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., so you can easily delete all unnecessary elements which are left after browsing the Internet, for example, browser cache, cookies, history list of visited pages, and so on); Defrag 3 (this module allows you to defragment your hard drive by using three different defragmentation methods. The program also supports SSD disks) and Registry Defrag (this module helps you to keep the system registry in order by optimizing and cleaning it).

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Analyze System- in this category you will find six modules which will provide you with thorough info about your system, i.e. System Information (this module allows you to get the fullest details about your hardware, i.e. processor, motherboard, etc., HDD or SSD drives, installed software, RAM, drivers, etc., network adapters and video or audio codecs); Disk Space Explorer (with the help of this module, you have the possibility to view and analyze the content of your drive); System Benchmark (this module allows you to carry out the system test and check its performance, for example, FPU performance or RAM performance; in addition, you can compare these results with other users online); HDD Benchmark (this module allows you to test performance of your HDD, for example, its reading speed, and so on); HDD Inspector (this module provides you with detailed info about installed SSD and HDD drives, for example, temperature, S.M.A.R.T. attributes, and so on) and Font Manager (with the help of this module you can view all your installed fonts and manage them).

Improve Performance- this category includes five modules, i.e. Service Manager (this module allows you to view and manage all system services and effectively control them, for example, you can activate or on the contrary deactivate some unnecessary services, get detailed info about each service, and so on); StartUp Tuner (you can view and control all startup items of your system with the help of this module, for example, add a new startup item or delete unnecessary ones, modify them, and so on); Internet Tuner (this module allows you to optimize your Internet connection and adapter both manually and automatically by specifying preferred options and settings); Process Manager (this module displays all currently running processes on the system and allows you to change some priority options or end any of processes) and Uninstall Manager (this module is of use if you want to remove any of installed applications quickly and reliably without using the inbuilt Windows tool).

File Tools- this category provides you with six powerful tools for managing your files, i.e. File Wiper (this module allows you to permanently and unrecoverably delete sensitive and confidential files and folders using four powerful deletion methods, for example, DoD 5220.22 M, Gutmann method, and so on); File Manipulator (with the help of this very useful module you have the possibility to split a very large file into several smaller parts using some pre-defined dimensions, for example, 100 MB, CD-ROM, and so on, or manually by specifying the desired size. In addition, this module also allows you to encrypt sensitive files and make them inaccessible to others by using the most advanced encryption algorithms.); Disk Doctor (this module allows you to check your hard drive for errors and reliably fix them to avoid loss of your important data); Undeleter (this module is of use if you have accidentally deleted any file; it will help you to restore them quickly and effectively); Link Checker (this module allows you to find and delete invalid shortcuts) and Duplicate Finder (with this module you will be able to find and remove duplicate files from the computer quickly without searching the entire computer manually).

Customize Windows- six useful tools are at your disposal in this category which helps you to customize and tweak the Windows appearance. For example, you can customize logon screen, Explorer settings, associate some file formats with different applications, change context menu items and system icons, and a lot of others.

General- this category contains tools for restoring the system from previously created snapshots, schedule some important tasks for automatic executions and configure a lot of program’s settings.

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