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Ashampoo Zip Pro is an advanced and extremely easy to use application for controlling and managing archives. Thanks to a lot of useful features, it allows you to perform any actions with archived files from basic (for example, creation of a new archive or decompression of an existing one) to advanced (for example, archive encryption, archive splitting, SFX archive creation, and so on). It can be said without any exaggeration that Ashampoo Zip Pro is just that tool which contains all necessary tools for reliable and comprehensive managing archived files.

The Main Features of the Program

Ashampoo Zip Pro offers unlimited and advanced possibilities and features for working with archived files. it contains all necessary tools for performing any operations, for example, you can easily create a new archive or open an existing archive, encrypt or decrypt archives and office and PDF files, upload archives to FTP servers or cloud storage websites, and so on. Thanks to a very attractive and intuitive user interface and plenty of options, you can easily and reliably do any task related to archive compression and decompression.

Supported Formats- Ashampoo Zip Pro currently supports a lot of well-known and popular compression formats, for example, ZIP, RAR, ARC, 7-ZIP, CAB, and so on. So, thanks to that, you will be able to create or open any currently used archives without any problems.

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Compression Options- Ashampoo Zip Pro allows you to create or open archives easily and without any effort. All you need to is to add files to the archive and after that specify some additional compression options. For example, you have the possibility to choose any offered format (i.e. ZIP, RAR, etc.) and apply some additional compression options. Fortunately, there are a lot of advanced options at your disposal. You can select preferred compression method (for example, LZMA, Deflate, BZ2, and so on), compression quality (for example, fast, normal, and so on) and encryption method (i.e. AES-256, and so on). You can burn created archives to the optical media immediately after compression or send them via email or upload to FTP servers or cloud storage websites.

Tools- Ashampoo Zip Pro offers six useful tools that allow you to perform some additional advanced operations with archives. They are as follows- Batch archive, Multi-extract, Archive converter, Repair ZIP archive, SFX archive and Multi-volume ZIP.

Batch Archive- if you want to compress a lot of files or folders easily and quickly, you can take full advantage of this tool. Thanks to this tool you will be able to archive tons of files in a batch mode without compressing each file or folder separately. All you need to do is to select as many files as you wish and choose the desired parameters, for example, compression format, method and quality.

Multi-Extract- with the help of this tool you can extract multiple archives simultaneously without opening each archive separately. All archives will be extracted one after another to the specified folder.

Archive Converter- this tool allows you to convert any archive from one compression format to another, i.e. you can easily convert, for example, ZIP archive to TAR one, and so on.

Repair ZIP Archive- thanks to this tool you have the possibility to repair corrupted or broken archive and after that extract files from it.

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SFX Archive- this tool allows you to create so called self-extracting archives, i.e. such archives which can be easily opened without using any compression or decompression utilities. You do not need to have any program to open it because archives created with the help of this tool are just executable files. All you need to do is to run them and all files will be immediately extracted.

Multi-Volume Zip- with the help of this tool you can split a very large archive into several parts by specifying the desired size both automatically (using pre-defined sizes offered by the program, for example, 650 MB, 4.7 GB, and so on) and manually (by entering the volume size).

Applications- Ashampoo Zip Pro also provides you with some advanced applications which allow you to perform some very useful operations with archives. With the help of these applications you can perform the following actions:

Encrypt Archive- if your archive contains some confidential and sensitive data, you can take full advantage of this feature which allows you to protect it against unauthorized use with a strong password. The program offers and uses the most advanced encryption methods to protect files, for example, AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, and so on.

Virtual ISO Drive- if you have got a lot of DVD disks and you want to keep them safe, this tool is just for you. With the help of it you can convert DVD disks to ISO format and then use them as a virtual disk.

Office/ PDF Security- Ashampoo Zip Pro allows you to encrypt office and PDF documents, too. So, all your important documents will be securely protected against unauthorized use.

ZIP Script- Ashampoo Zip Pro offers a very useful application which allows you to back up special archives using ZIP script. It allows you to save created backups on the computer, burn them directly to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks, upload to FTP server or send to Cloud. Additionally you can configure some additional options, namely, compression format, backup type (Normal, Full, Incremental and Differential), compression method and compression quality. Of course, you have the possibility to encrypt an archive file with password before creating backup and schedule backup and run it at any time, for example, once a week or month, etc.

Cloud Browser- with the help of Ashampoo Zip Pro you have the possibility to upload created archives directly to cloud storage websites such as Dropbox, Google drive, and so on.