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Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to listen to and record more than 100.000 radio stations from every country of the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. For convenience’s sake the program allows you to sort out radio stations by genres (every music lover will find the favourite genres because the program offers nearly all known genres, for example, classical, electronic, heavy metal, and a lot of others), countries (for example, Italy, France, England, and so on).

In addition, you have the possibility to sort out radio station by popularity, recordability and bitrate. For starting listening to the desired station, you should just select it from a huge list of available stations and the program will start recording it. The program allows you to record and cut songs while playing them or record all songs continuously without cutting.

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Audials Radiotracker 2016 also gives you the possibility to perform so called mass recording, i.e. record several stations simultaneously. You can manually specify the desired number of recorded radio stations.

Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to not only listen to the best songs from the best radio stations but also efficiently manage stations and configure the desired options and settings. There are a lot of parameters at your disposal. With the help of the program you have the possibility to manage, change or optimize the following options:

Create Scheduling Recording- Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to schedule some radio stations and start recording at a specified time. All you need is to choose the desired radio station to schedule and specify the date and time. The program will start recording from this station automatically at a given time.

Manage Stations- Audials Radiotracker 2016 offers a lot of settings for configuring different options of recorded radio stations. With the help of these options you have the possibility to select the desired Recordability (i.e. you can record only those stations that provide complete songs or those ones which have good song detection rate), Minimum Bitrates (this option allows you to select the desired audio format, i.e. MP3, WMA or AAC and specify minimum from 8 through 320 kbit per second) and some others.

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Add Station manually- if your favourite stations are not offered by Audials Radiotracker 2016, you can add it manually by entering its stream URL or adding it from a playlist file.

Additional Options- in addition, Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to open station websites and share stations by posting them to your Facebook wall.

Music Wishes- Audials Radiotracker 2016 can fulfil any of your music wishes. It does not matter what you like. The program will make all your wishes come true with the help of its magic wand. All you need is to enter the name of the desired artist, album or song title.

The program allows you to create as many wish lists as you want and add to them as many artists and songs as you wish. After clicking on the “Fulfill” button, your wishes will be immediately fulfilled. As soon as any of your songs is played on the radio station, the program will start its automatic recording.

Of course, you can also customize some options before searching for and recording your music wishes; for example, maximum number of songs to be recorded, the number of radio stations to record your wishes, and so on.

In addition, Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to export the complete wish list to a file, open the wish list from a file, visit the Audials community website and download other users’ wish lists or upload your own ones and share them among Audials users.

Podcasts- there are thousands of video podcasts at your disposal which are conveniently sorted out by categories, for example, arts, business, comedy, educations, games, and so on.

Music Television- Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to watch and record more than 50 music television programs. Everyone can find something interesting because the program offer a wide range of different music genres including pop, rock, metal, etc.

Media Center- Audials Radiotracker 2016 offers a very convenient media player which allows you to play any media format. With the help of media center you can easily manage your music and video collections; for example, you have the possibility to sort out songs by genres, artists or albums and movies by categories, i.e. movies, TV series, video podcasts, and so on.

In addition, Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to perform additional actions, for example, you can edit song beginning and end, normalize volume, and edit tags manually (by specifying an artist, title, album, genre, etc.) or automatically.

Audials Apps- Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to listen to and enjoy your favourite radio stations and video podcasts not only on your computer but also on all your gadgets. It does not matter what gadget you own. The program has got free apps for Android, Windows and iOS devices. Simply download and install these apps on your devices and enjoy unlimited songs and podcasts on them.

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