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Avira Antivirus Pro is a very simple, light and reliable antivirus which includes comprehensive protection against viruses, identity theft and other security related risks. The program offers an excellent and advanced set of security tools which is an ideal solution for ensuring the computer and important data.

Thanks to using advanced and powerful protection technologies including cloud-based detection technology, Avira Antivirus Pro provides you with reliable protection that really works! With the help of the program you can reliably and efficiently control the entire system, web activity on the one hand and monitor your children’s activity on the web and protect your Android smartphone on the other hand.

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For the complete and thorough computer protection against all known and even unknown threats, Avira Antivirus Pro uses the following main modules and additional tools- Antivirus, Antispyware, Web protection, Mail protection, Android protection and Child protection.

PC Protection- Avira Antivirus Pro provides you with advanced real-time protection of the system constantly monitoring any changes and efficiently removing viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious software. Thanks to using advanced protection technologies such as ProActive and heuristic AHeAD technology, the program allows you to detect hidden threats which are invisible to antivirus applications, unknown threats by examining their behavior, and so on.

In addition, Avira Antivirus Pro also allows you to perform manual scans of the system. The program offers a lot of different scan methods, for example, you have the possibility to scan the entire system, removable drives, Windows system directory, active processes, and so on. Of course, the manual selection method is also available for Avira users.

Cloud Protection- Avira Antivirus Pro offers very reliable and advanced cloud based protection of the operating system, i.e. in other words, it uses a very powerful and efficient security technology based on the Avira community and helps to detect and remove malicious threats in real time without the need to update antivirus database signatures.

It is very important to join this Avira community because you will be able to detect and stop malware before they spread and infect other users; get instant info about the latest threats immediately in real time; access to and use the most advanced protection technologies, and so on.

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Internet Protection- Avira Antivirus Pro offers three security modules to protect your online activity- Firewall, Web protection and Mail protection.

Firewall- the program does not offer its own firewall; it simply helps you to get access to the in-built Windows firewall and configure some its options, for example, network profiles, private or public network and application rules.

Web Protection- thanks to using different advanced security technologies, Avira Antivirus Pro reliably protects your system against malicious online threats. With the help of the program you can block malicious files from downloading from the Internet, prevent hackers from accessing the computer, safely use online stores and shops, disinfect potentially unwanted applications, block spam URLs, phishing fraud websites, and so on.

Mail Protection- with the help of this tool you can constantly monitor POP3 and IMAP accounts and effectively disinfect malicious mail messages and attachments.

Child Protection- Avira Antivirus Pro offers a very useful and free tool called Avira SocialShield which allows you to monitor and control online activity of your children on popular social network websites through a special web portal. So you do not need any application to install; simply create an account on this web portal and effectively control every step of your children online.

This online service checks the online accounts of your children on popular social network websites (for example, Facebook, Google Plus, FormSpring, MySpace and Twitter) and provides you with complete info about their activity there.

Thanks to this service you will be always in the know about each activity on social networks. It will immediately alert you in case of suspicious or undesirable activity of your children. Thanks to Avira SocialShield you will no longer waste your time on searching for info about your children’s activity on the Internet. Every step, every performed action will be at your disposal on the Avira web portal.

Mobile Protection- nowadays it is very important to protect from viruses and other dangerous applications not only the computer but also smartphones because they are as popular as computers now. Everybody uses them on a daily basis. This application offers advanced virus protection and useful tools for remote locking unauthorized access to your device, finding a lost or stolen phone and blocking unwanted calls and SMS messages.

Administration- Avira Antivirus Pro includes four different tools for administrating and performing some additional actions, i.e. Quarantine (it allows you to isolate malicious files and applications from the operating system), Scheduler (it allows you to configure various operations and tasks performed by the program, for example, you can set up the automatic scan for viruses, and so on); Reports (it provides you with detailed reports about each action performed by the program, for example, info about virus signature updates, found viruses, and so on) and Events (this tool provides you with info about each operation carried out by the various modules of the program).

Avira Rescue Disk- Avira Antivirus Pro allows you to download from the Internet a special application and burn it on CD disk which will help you to load unbootable system and restore its stability and performance.

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