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Avira Internet Security Suite does a whole lot more than just protecting your PC from online and offline-based malicious sources. In addition to including Avira Antivirus Pro as part of its arsenal, Avira Internet Security Suite also gives you access to the extremely versatile Avira System Speedup optimization utility. Whether it’s making use of advanced heuristics against unknown threats, using customized firewall settings for a safer experience online, cleaning up files and programs to free up storage space, or optimizing Windows for an overall faster computer, Avira Internet Security Suite lets you do it.

Avira Antivirus Pro

Unlike the plethora of antivirus applications that include numerous unnecessary features, Avira Antivirus Pro focuses solely on protecting your PC. With its System Scanner and Real-Time Protection features, you can stay protected either by scanning for viruses on your entire PC, or with the help of various live shields. In addition, Avira’s proprietary AHeAD — Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection — heuristics engine provides complete protection against unknown threats, specifically zero-day exploits, that use critical areas such as system memory, OS processes, and browser cookies to infect your PC. You can also specify the detection rate of the heuristics engine for maximum PC protection — low, medium, or high.

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Further, Avira Antivirus Pro gives you access to all the tools that you need to stay protected while online. With its Web Protection feature, you can safely surf the Internet without being exploited by malicious I-frames, while Mail Protection protects you from emails that use malicious code to infect your PC. Rather than featuring its own firewall, Avira Antivirus Pro instead uses the Windows Firewall, where it injects its own optimized settings to secure your PC against suspicious data transmissions. Avira Antivirus Pro also features a unique feature in the form of Protection Cloud, where the application automatically makes use of a huge cloud-based database of suspicious files collected from every Avira user for an astounding 99.99% detection rate.

In addition to its antivirus features, Avira Antivirus Pro includes various other miscellaneous options that adds convenience — Game Mode, Scheduler, Mobile Protection, etc. With Game Mode, you can switch Avira Antivirus Pro to use fewer system resources for a smoother experience while playing video games – further, you won’t be bothered by notifications. On the other hand, Scheduler lets you manage your scanning sessions with ease where you can just specify the application to run system scans at specified intervals. Finally, you receive comprehensive protection on Android mobile devices, where you receive a free license to install the Avira Antivirus Security for Android app — you can manage your mobile device remotely via Avira Antivirus Pro on your PC.

Avira System Speedup

Avira System Speedup lets you instantly get your PC up and running with all sorts of performance enhancing techniques. Featuring an intuitive user interface, Avira System Speedup instantly grades your computer for performance, and points out areas that require optimization — hard drive, operating system, system startup, etc. For example, you can make use of features such as Registry Defragmentation for a faster and more stable system registry, Network Manager to optimize the network configuration settings on your PC, Service Manager to manage services and free up system resources, etc., just to name a few.

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In addition, the application features massive support for optimizing storage devices. By providing access to an array of file-cleanup options, Avira System Speedup lets you get your hard drive up and running faster than ever before. The application features the ability to search for duplicate files, zero-byte files, temporary system files, crash logs, etc., and remove them for a much cleaner work environment. Further, its own built-in disk defragmenter lets you create single contiguous files for faster hard drive access. Also included are various other tools that let you, for example, scan drives for errors, wipe data off partitions, recover deleted files, completely uninstall programs, etc.

Avira System Speedup doesn’t just leave you at that. By focusing on the integrity of your PC, the application provides a number of options that help you back up system-critical features. With its Back Up or Restore Registry feature, you can get your PC up and running even in the event of registry corruption, while the Back Up or Restore MBR feature serves as a means against Master Boot Record corruption. To ensure peace of mind while optimizing the various aspects of your PC, the application also features the ability to restore any changes made to the operating system.

Should I Buy It?

By including both Avira Antivirus Pro and Avira System Speedup, Avira Internet Security Suite lets you protect your PC while simultaneously giving you the option to optimize it for maximum performance. With features such as AHeAD Heuristics and Protective Cloud, you won’t fall susceptible to unknown threats, while the multitude of tools present in Avira System Speedup — Disk Defragmenter, Service Manager, Network Manager, etc. — does a great job at optimizing your PC. Further, you receive incredible value for money, especially when considering the amount that you would otherwise spend on standalone versions of each product.