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Avira Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive all-in-one security program which includes two powerful applications- Avira Internet Security and Avira System Speedup. Of these two applications the former protects your system against all types of threats in real time and the second one includes powerful tools to optimize and tune up the computer performance and speed.

Avira Internet Security provides you with all necessary security modules which are required for reliable and comprehensive protection of the computer. All protection modules are divided into four categories- PC protection, Internet protection, Child protection and Mobile protection.

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PC Protection- thanks to using various security technologies, Avira Internet Security offers advanced protection against all known threats including Trojans, spyware, rootkits, and so on; more than that, it also allows you to protect the system against other threats as adware, dialer, back-door, etc. Of course, PC protection is carried out in real time.

Avira Internet Security uses the most advanced protection technologies, for example, Cloud protection, ProActive protection and heuristic AHeAD protection. Thanks to such a wide range of security technologies, the program reliably protects from all malicious threats.

Backup- Avira Internet Security allows you to back up the most important files and securely protect them against viruses.

Internet Protection- this section provides you with three security modules- Firewall, Web protection and Mail protection.

Firewall- Avira Internet Security does not have its own firewall application; it simply provides quick access to the Windows in-built firewall and allows you to configure its options and apply some rules.

Web Protection- Avira Internet Security reliably and securely protects the computer against malicious and phishing websites and prevents the spread of infected files from the Internet by clocking them.

Mail Protection- this module protects your mailbox against malicious messages and attachments.

Child Protection- this module allows you to control the web activity of your children through the special web portal and block their suspicious actions there. You can monitor all well-known social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and so on.

Safe Browsing- this module allows you to block access to dangerous and malicious websites, for example, websites which contain pornography, violence, drugs, and so on.

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Mobile Protection- this is a free application and it is designed for smartphones running Android operating system. This application consists of two main components, i.e. from a special installer which should be installed on your Android smartphone and the online Android web portal with the help of which you can manage and control all available functions and tools remotely.

Avira System Speedup is a great all-in-one application which includes a wide range of useful and advanced tools for optimizing and configuring the computer.

All tools and utilities are conveniently divided into three main categories- System cleaner, System optimizer and Tools.

System Cleaner category includes four utilities- Junk file cleaner (it is a great solution for finding and removing unnecessary files from the system which waste valuable hard disk space in vain, for example, temporary files, invalid shortcuts, obsolete reports or logs, and so on); Registry Cleaner (this utility will help you to clean your Windows registry from outdated and invalid entries; you have the possibility to remove invalid application paths and startup items, obsolete installation entries and shared DLL files, and so on); Privacy Cleaner (with the help of this utility you can reliably protect your privacy by removing the history of your activities on the Internet and other activity traces on the computer, for example, browser cache, cookies, browsing history, saved passwords, recently opened documents, Windows logs, clipboard history, and so on) and Smart Defragmenter (this utility allows you to optimize system performance by defragmenting your hard drive).

System Optimizer category also includes four utilities- Startup Manager (this utility allows you to view all startup services and applications and with just one click of the mouse optimize and improve the Windows startup time); Network Manager (with the help of this tool you can view applications connected to the Internet and safely disconnect them); Process Manager (this tool provides you with detailed info about each process currently running in the system and stop them) and Service Manager (this tool displays all currently running services and allows you to stop or uninstall them).

Tools category is divided into four sub-categories- Tune-up, Drivers, Uninstaller and File recovery.

Tune-up sub-category is conveniently divided into three sections and provides you with sixteen different utilities.

File Tune-up section contains six utilities which allows you to find duplicate files, empty folders and zero-byte files; perform thorough analysis of your hard drive and back up registry and files or folders.

Advanced utilities section contains four tools for copying locked or hidden files, managing and controlling Internet Explorer, analyzing your hard disk for errors and managing items in the Windows context menu.

Super utilities section provides you with six tools which allow you to wipe out confidential data from the hard drive permanently; encrypt or decrypt files, defragment the Windows registry, back up MBR and repair and fix a damaged network connection.

The last three tools- Drivers, Uninstaller and File recovery allow you to view all installed drivers, safely uninstall unnecessary applications and restore accidentally deleted files respectively.

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