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Avira Optimization Suite is what every computer needs. Do you know why?

Is having an antivirus installed on your computer enough? While it may keep your computer secure, it certainly won’t help the computer run any faster or fix problems.

That is why your PC needs a combination of Antivirus Pro and Avira System Speedup, which is what you get in the suite. Every user who has used Avira knows how accurate the antivirus’ scanner is, when it comes to detecting and blocking viruses, malware, etc.

Avira’s A.I. based scanner monitors the computer, to adapt to new threats, thanks to its deep-learning algorithms. The cloud based security scanning system analyzes unknown files in real-time to block any malware they may contain. And unlike other antivirus programs which delete infected files outright, Avira will try to repair the damage done to your files.

The application can block and remove ransomware before it can affect your files. Avira Antivirus Pro can also secure your email clients even when they use unencrypted traffic. You can also use the Windows Firewall settings in the application to strengthen your PC’s security.

The network protection module protects the PC from malicious attacks from the internet, and Avira also blocks phishing and infecting websites, and secures your banking experience online.

Avira SpeedUp literally helps speed up your computer, by deleting unwanted files. and recovers your storage space. It also helps secure your privacy by deleting your browser data, cookies, caches, etc. The file shredder in the application allows you to delete your confidential files in a secure manner, by leaving no chances of recovery.

Avira System SpeedUp also fixes issues in the Windows registry. The Disk Wiper in the suite, can delete all data on your hard drive securely, so you can dispose or sell your hard drive, without the risk of anyone trying to salvage some of your data. The File Encryption tool can be used to encrypt your data, to prevent theft of personal information, even when you share files over email.

Avira Optimization Suite can be the fix for your slow computer, and protect it from malware, without hampering the PC’s performance.