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How do you fix a slow PC, and keep it free of malware, and also protect your online privacy? The answer to that question is, Avira Total Security Suite.

PCs slow down over time when you install and uninstall applications, which write a lot of entries in the Windows Registry. Not all of these are deleted when you remove a program. Avira System SpeedUp has three tools which can help you deal with the program. It can be used to fix invalid registry entries, delete any remnant files which programs leave behind, and the uninstaller tool is useful for removing programs quickly. You can also use it to delete temporary, duplicate files, to make room for newer ones which you actually want.

The application can also be used to boot the PC faster by disabling unwanted programs from the startup process. The game booster can disable unnecessary background applications to deliver the best gaming performance.

Avira Antivirus Pro is the best when it comes to securing your computer from viruses, malware, and the most recent type of threat, ransomware. The real-time monitor constantly monitoring open processes, files which you access, etc, for malicious activity, blocking the malware, even if they are zero-day threats. Avira’s antivirus does not slow your PC down, when protecting it, and the scanner can pick up even on potentially unwanted programs, which may be missed by other antivirus programs.

You can prevent specific applications from going online, using the Firewall Manager by creating, deleting and editing the network rules. By defaul,t the firewall will block major threats such as malicious websites, hackers etc, but you can use the Parental controls, to block websites which are not suitable for kids. Securing your Android phone or locating a stolen iOS or Android device, is easy thanks to the Avira mobile apps. The Avira Scout web browser based on Chromium’s open source project, has specially designed extensions from Avira to protect your online presence, and your privacy.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro also part of the Avira Total Security Suite, encrypts your internet connection, and hides your IP address, so that you can browse anonymously. You can also connect to the VPN’s servers to unblock websites which are normally inaccessible, and even browse or shop online when you are using public wireless hotspots, or when you are travelling.